Best Places to Get Laid Not At Home

Many people, in order to diversify their sex life with partners, resort to the most unusual places to get laid. But there are those who, for other reasons, have to seek places to have sex not at home. In this review, you will find out about the top 10 places to get laid if you can’t do it at home.

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10 Best Spots to Have Sex Outside The Home

If you want to get laid, but there is no apartment, it doesn’t matter. There are tons of cool places that are much better suited for this beloved adult activity. If you still don’t know how to find a place to have sex, then here is a list of the top ones:

The Fitting Room

The fitting room is perfect for those who are seeking where to hook up not at home. Especially fans of the thrill will like this option. These spots are very popular as they are free and accessible all year round. It’s quite simple in the summer, you just go into the nearest mall, lift your girlfriend’s dress, and now you’re getting laid. Moreover, having passionate sex in front of a mirror brings great pleasure to many. The main thing is to choose a good store, where there are fewer people, and it is advisable to find fitting rooms in which the booths are closed on the heck. Well, if you are impatient, then fitting rooms with curtains won’t stop you from getting laid.


A car is one of the best and cheap places to have sex. You can stop at the side of the road or somewhere in a field or forest. Further, the choice is yours as a get lid. You can recline the front seats, open the trunk, or put your girlfriend on the hood. Well, if you are a resident of a metropolis, and often stand in traffic jams, then you can get laid right there, the main thing is that the windows are tinted.


What could be more romantic than a fire, live music, wine, and two loved ones, who are surrounded only by wild nature and wild imagination? Even if there are other people around, having sex in a tent won’t be too stressful for you or those around you. Most girlfriends will like this option. Therefore, if you do not have the opportunity to get laid at home, then offer your girlfriend this option under the pretext that it is very romantic.

Best Places to Get Laid Not At Home


Beach is a great spot to get laid during the warmer months. It doesn’t matter at all when you come to the beach, at night or during the day, the main thing is that there are as few people as possible. But, here is the thing, be careful with sand, which can get into the genitals with very vigorous movements. The event will be unforgettable, it will bring a lot of pleasure and romance.


Hotel hook up should try everyone in their life at least once. Well, if you do not have an apartment, then perhaps this is the best option if you want to get laid with a random chick. It’s also worth noting that hotel hookups are great for fans of affairs. Usually, cheap roadside motels are chosen for this kind of get laid hooking, as they are cheap and easier to stay incognito in.


Any party or wedding will allow you to find a secluded spot to get laid among a large number of guests. An event like this is a great excuse to trust your ability to get laid in unusual places. In addition, a party that ends with sex guarantees complete satisfaction from both partners. Yes, such a party will now be remembered for a long time.


if you deliberately go to the park to get laid, it is highly recommended to leave your underwear at home. A lonely bench under a beautiful large tree will be an excellent place for intercourse. Just enjoy the clean air and your partner.

Public Toilet

If the desire has seized you in a restaurant, nightclub, or supermarket, then the toilet is perhaps the only place where you can hide from prying eyes. This kind of sex is a favorite fantasy of many couples. It will be easier to realize this fantasy if there are no strangers in the toilet. The main thing is to be quiet and remember about sanitation because the spot where you decided to get laid can be a little bit messy.

Friend’s Apartment

It would seem that you do not have an apartment to get laid in, but then a friend comes to the rescue. There are tons of cute corners in a friend’s apartment where you haven’t fucked anyone yet. And in a friend’s bedroom, which you have been to hundreds of times, you certainly did not think about sex here. Sexual pleasures on a friend’s bed are funny and unusual. The main thing is your approach to get laid, and your imagination, and where you will do it is not so important. In any case, you and your mistress will be satisfied and receive complete satisfaction, and your friendship with a friend will become even stronger.


It is an online marketplace for private residences around the world. Renting a room, apartment, or even a whole house with Airbnb for hookups can be more profitable and more comfortable than in a hotel. To get laid, Airbnb has over 6 million offers in 191 countries. The only caveat is that you need to register on the site. Of course, this process is simple and takes a few minutes, but it needs to be done. After registering, you can choose a spot where you can get laid according to such criteria as:

  • Reviews;
  • Description and conditions;
  • Photos;
  • District;
  • The calendar;
  • Price.

This option, if you need a place to have sex is worth considering, but it looks too confusing. It’s easier to overpay a couple of bucks and rent a cheap hotel to get laid up once. Of course, you yourself choose where it is most convenient for you.

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