Facts About LGBT and LGBT Dating Sites

What is LGBT, and what is LGBT adult dating? Let’s figure it out.

So, LGBT is an abbreviation that includes sexual minorities:

  • gay;
  • lesbian;
  • bisexual;
  • transgender.

This abbreviation was first used in the 90s. The goal was to unite all non-traditional people and tell the world how diverse people may be.

Nowadays, there are plenty of top LGBT websites that help people unite.

The goal of the LGBT movement is to fight for the rights of sexual minorities, and the motto “My life is my rules” encourages others to view gay people as full members of society.

Flag Color and Other Symbols of the LGBT Community

Now that you know what LGBT means, it’s time to talk about the symbolism of the movement. There are several distinctive signs that help non-traditional sexual minorities stand out and are regularly used in gay pride parades and other events.

Among them:

  • Pink triangle. This symbol arose during the heyday of Nazi Germany when representatives of gay people became victims of the Holocaust. This sign became a symbol of sexual minorities in 1970.
  • Six-color flag. Perhaps this is the most famous symbol of sexual minorities, personifying openness and pride. It resembles an ordinary rainbow, but instead of seven colors, only six are used here. For LGBT, the colors of the flag are the following: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple. This symbol was created by artist Gilbert Baker in 1978.
  • Lambda. In the case of LGBT, this symbol is associated with the desire of the community to achieve equality.

LGBT Activists and the Fight for Equal Rights

So, the leaders of the LGBT movement aim at protecting rights of LGBT people at the legislative level. They are eager to popularize their views to let people understand there’s nothing bad about being different. To achieve this goal, various demonstrations, parades are organized.

LGBT leaders let people know about who they are, what their goals are. Their aim is not to only make other people know them: they are primarily focused on trying to make the lives of sexual minorities better. Like anybody, they simply want to be understood.

LGBT Dating Sites

LGBT Celebrities

Many celebrities do not hesitate to openly declare their orientation and are actively fighting for equal rights for representatives of sexual minorities, being a good example for others. Here are some famous personalities who did not hesitate to reveal themselves:

  1. Elton John. The singer had enough courage to make a coming-out in 1976. At that time, even Western countries treated LGBT people with suspicion. Nowadays, he is married, happy, and has children.
  2. Tom Ford. In 1997, Tom Ford announced he was gay. Later on, he married a man. Today, they are raising a child and are completely happy.
  3. Thomas Hitzlsperger. It’s easier for singers and designers to make coming-outs, rumor has it. But what about sportsmen? It’s a little bit more difficult for them. In the world of big sports, people are afraid to admit their non-standard orientation. The reason is that they are afraid of misunderstanding. Nevertheless, Thomas Hitzlsperger managed to do it. He played for such clubs as Aston Villa, Bayern, Stuttgart, Lazio, Wolfsburg, Westham, and Everton. Once he retired, he confessed to being homosexual.

LGBT Activists: Goals

Priority goals of the movement’s activists are the following:

  • making it possible for LGBT oriented people to adapt to life;
  • provision of timely medical assistance to transgender people, homosexuals, lesbians;
  • reduce the level of aggression LGBT people face sometimes;
  • making it possible for people to get married and have children;
  • achieve equality in all spheres of life, be it education, getting a job, etc.

Speaking about the EU and the US, LGBT people have succeeded there. They are equal with people with traditional sexual orientation. Moreover, gay parades take place in lots of cities regularly. They are often protected by the law.

Nevertheless, there are still some countries where LGBT dating is considered something bad. Countries like Afghanistan, Iran, consider LGBT dating unnatural, so LGBT people suffer from physical and emotional pressure there.

Dating Sites for LGBT: Do They Work?

Surely many have heard stories from friends about how they found their partners or already spouses via the Internet. LGBT online dating is a nice choice if you face difficulties finding a partner. Moreover, nowadays, there are plenty of LGBT sex dating sites, which makes it easy for people of non-traditional orientations to meet, have sex, and even create families.

What is the secret of the popularity of LGBT dating sites free? Why every year more and more people use LGBTQ dating sites, preferring it to live communication? Here are the top factors that influence the popularity of free LGBT dating.

  • Accessibility. There is no need to waste time attending any events, it is enough to have a gadget and Internet access. It doesn’t matter what time it is – you can get to know each other day and night. It is easy to find an interlocutor from a different time zone: the Internet significantly expands the boundaries of dating.
  • Communication with several interlocutors at once is another plus.
  • It is much easier to start chatting online, which is a huge plus for shy people.
  • You can immediately filter out unsuitable people on any LGBT dating website by selecting them by age, profession, interests.

Free LGBT Dating Sites: Creating a Profile

Best dating sites for LGBT are naturally the most popular for dating and chatting on the Internet for those interested in dating with pansexuals and LGBT dating in general. Their peculiarity is that the profile is compiled according to a previously thought out convenient template (in special columns, you place information about the purpose of the acquaintance, features of your character and hobbies, expectations from an acquaintance, etc.).

Among the advantages of such portals are: the ability to raise the profile to the top, a huge selection of options, a filter system, automatic selection of a partner based on a well-thought-out compatibility algorithm. But what is recommended to be included in a profile to make it maximally effective?

  1. Your personality. Are you artistic or analytical? Are you outgoing, or do you prefer closed activities? Try to give some clues as to what kind of person you are. You need to highlight some positive personality traits in your profile that give visitors an idea of ​​who you are.
  2. Your hobbies. Your unique hobbies or interests can be really interesting for your visitors. Everyone loves to curl up on the couch and watch TV shows. But not everyone has an extensive collection of homemade puppets, and not everyone plays in amateur theater in their spare time. Even if you have typical hobbies, describe what you like about them.
  3. Your career or ambition. It’s a good idea to talk about what you’re doing with your life. Are you an aspiring author in the middle of your first novel? Tell potential partners about it! Even if you’re an accountant who dreams of settling in a small town and buying a house, it can help attract people with similar interests.
  4. What are you looking for in a potential sex partner (or in a person you’d like to create a family with). It doesn’t have to be a big part of your profile, but if you have specific requirements, it’s good to mention them.

Best LGBT Dating Sites and Apps

So, what are the best free LGBT dating sites? In fact, any same sex dating site has something interesting to offer. When choosing, it’s essential to pay attention to the number of users, reputation, security, and customer support. Now, we’d like to tell you more about the best dating apps for LGBT.


Banana app

Banana is an amazing free gay video chat. It makes it easy to chat with strangers in real-time. Here you can meet guys from all over the world, so knowledge of English at least at a basic level is great.

To start chatting, you need to go through a one-step registration – for example, via Facebook – and just swipe to the left – the first interlocutor will appear on the screen. If everything suits you, you can continue the conversation or swipe again to connect to the next user. Reviews show that this app helps to find sex partners easily.

The uniqueness of Banana is that not a single video shot through the application is stored in it, which is good. Everything that the user will discuss with his potential partner will remain confidential. If for some reason, you want to delete your account, you can do it in one click, which is also great.


LesPark app

LesPark allows you to meet people for friendship, flirting, sex without obligations, and serious relationships. The audience of the application is mainly female and covers 10 million lesbian, bisexual and trans women around the world. Can you imagine how many horny ladies are waiting for you there?

To register in the application, you need to come up with a login, password, upload a photo, indicate gender identity, marital status, interests, and phone number with subsequent confirmation. Inside this app, you will find lots of qualitative user profiles that can be scrolled through, like an Instagram feed, which is pretty convenient.

The developers describe LesPark as a nice place to find girlfriends, become an opinion leader, or share your feelings with other members of the LGBT community. The application allows you to not only send erotic text messages but also arrange video broadcasts, publish posts and create groups based on interests, sexual preferences, and more.


Grindr app

First of all, Grindr is known as a dating app for gays, but everyone is welcome here: lesbians, queers, transgender people, transvestites, and others. Gender can be indicated during registration – you can choose from the ones offered or enter your own, which is pretty convenient.

The advantages of the application are short but informative questionnaires. You can search for users nearby, immediately go to the chat or add profiles to your favorites. It is possible to customize advanced filters, in particular, search by ethnicity, height and body type, dating goals, and sex preferences, which is pretty convenient.

Also, a subscription automatically removes ads, allows you to translate messages and talk with interlocutors in the same language. Moreover, it gives you an “incognito” status to invisibly view the profiles of other users and the ability to delete messages and photos from chats.


Zoe app

The Zoe app immediately requests geolocation and displays nearby girls to choose the best sex partner. The user’s task is to simply swipe to the left and select the profiles they like: everything is pretty easy.

The main feature of the application is that you can start communication only after mutual consent: you send a message or like this or that user, and then wait for a person to answer you. The profiles here are as laconic as possible, which is convenient. Usually, everything that you see inside the profile is photos, age, the purpose of dating, and a list of things that make a girl happy.


Nowadays, LGBT sex dating is extremely popular among people of non-traditional orientations. If a person is interested in sex only, it is easy to find a partner who is looking for the same with the help of a reliable LGBT dating site. As we have mentioned, such platforms, as well as apps, are easy to use. Moreover, they increase the chances of finding a sex partner significantly.

Either you want to find a partner for regular sex, a person for a one-night affair, or someone to create a family with, the best LGBT dating apps we have selected will certainly help you with it. So, enjoy your sexual adventures to the fullest!

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