Excellent Tinder Openers That Will Make Any Girl Want To Message You Back

When it comes to finding a match in dating apps, the opening messages should be effective and leave a lasting impression. On Tinder, you should ensure you use cute tinder openers to spike the attention of matches and make them curious about you. If you want to write good tinder openers, you should focus more on the person you are addressing and not you. Here you will learn of the smooth tinder openers that will help you get the attention of your potential matches.

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Examples Of The Best Tinder Openers That You Should Try

If you want the best Tinder openers for hookups, then you are in the right place. Here are some of the best Tinder openers you can use to get the attention of every girl.

  • ”Hey, pretty girl, I am not certain you remember this…”
    It is one of the clever Tinder openers you can use to get the girl’s attention. Who does not know that curiosity killed the cat? In this case, curiosity will get you the girl. Very few girls will fail to respond to such tinder openers because they will be eager to know what it is that they can’t remember.
  • ”I have been looking at your pretty pictures for some time, and I couldn’t help to notice that you are a fun-loving person. In addition, you are also a free-spirited person. However, you take your time to open up to strangers. Please tell me I am not wrong.”
    Do you want the best Tinder openers for guys? Do not look further. There is no better opener than you commenting on the girl’s personality. It will make you stand out from other guys since you will make her know that you have invested time in understanding who they are by looking at their profile. Furthermore, people have different perceptions of who they are. Therefore, they can agree or disagree with your assessment. However, they will respond to your texts in both cases, and that’s what you want.
  • ”When I was going through your profile, I couldn’t help myself admire how much you have traveled. I was also touched by how much you loved and cared for your pets. Hope one day we get to have our pets and travel the whole world together.”
    Openers that compliment the girl’s interests or hobbies are among the best tinder openers you can use. Most guys always send girls messages with sexual undertones. It is not that it is terrible to compliment the sexual attraction of the girl. But, it would be best to try something different that is unique. Most girls have gotten used to hearing men compliment their beauty and how sexy they are. Complementing their interests or hobbies will make you stand out from other guys. You will make her feel that you are interested in her as a person and that you are interested in what she loves.
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  • ”I can see that you are a football fan. What makes you a football fanatic? Going to football games with my dad was my favorite childhood ritual when I was young. There is nothing I would love to do than continue the ritual with someone else rather than my dad.”
    Everyone wants to be with someone they can do what they love together. You should go through the girl’s profile and see what she loves. You will then show them how much you also love doing what she loves and that you can wait to do it with her. You can be sure that you will get a response since the girl would sense that there is a connection between the both of you since you love the same thing.
  • “I can see on your profile that you do not want one-night stands. I also wouldn’t want a one-night stand since I have enough furniture in my house.’’
    Do you need an icebreaker message? There is no better way than using funny tinder openers. If you want to take your conversation forward, humor is the way. People have different tastes in humor. Therefore using puns is a safe bet. Any girl will respond to such tinder openers since she will want to know if you don’t want a one-night stand and what you want involving your furniture.
  • “You make the Eiffel tower look even more stunning in the background. Visiting Paris with someone special has always been on my bucket list.’’
    Which other openers for Tinder is better than this? It is among the best openers for Tinder since it shows that you are interested in what interests the girl. Therefore you can be sure that you will get a response. In addition, you have uniquely told her how pretty she is by complimenting her interest which is traveling. Furthermore, is there any girl who wouldn’t want to go to Paris with a charming guy?
  • “I was wondering what type of a girl you are? Do you like Lasagne or spaghetti, Burger or pizza, Steak or grilled veggies?’’
    Is there any girl who doesn’t like food? That’s what makes this opener one of those great tinder openers you can be sure to get a response to. Talking about food preferences is among the classy tinder openers that you can be sure won’t go wrong. In addition, you will get to know what kind of a person she is and if you two can be compatible. If you want to know if you gel with someone, this opener is among the best.


Now you do not have any excuse not to try Tinder.com. One of the turn-offs of many people is not getting a response to their messages. Most people give up without looking for solutions. Here is the solution for you. If you use any of the above tinder openers, you can be sure that you will start getting responses and find your match.

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