Find Partner at Unusual Place – How to Get Laid at a Wedding

We all remember the movie “Wedding crashes”, where two womanizers went to ceremonial events in search of getting laid at a wedding. It’s funny and funny, but at the same time, it has a real basis. Because at the wedding you can feel a unique atmosphere. Love and sensuality are just “in the air”. And many emotional bridesmaids and other guests are ready to do something “crazy”.

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However, there are other reasons as well. For example, envy or dissatisfaction with your life without a partner can also be an incentive for girls at a wedding. And a gallant gentleman can influence their decision to have sex somewhere convenient. In our review, we tell you how to pick up girls at a wedding, and these techniques greatly increase your chances of success.

Main Tips, How to Get Laid at a Wedding

You have something to congratulate because a wedding is not only fun but also a vast field for establishing ties with the opposite sex. The girls are cheerful, a little drunk, and open to new sensations.

So, you got to a wedding celebration, now you need to understand how to get laid at a wedding. The first thing you need to do is to do some reconnaissance. Look at all available women and make your choice. But it is not enough to be based on personal sympathies and preferences. Choose, given the status of the future victim. Married women, as a rule, huddle together and communicate among themselves on eternal topics: children, cats, husbands, shops. Unmarried women can be recognized by the men spinning next to them, they rarely communicate with other women. A girl who is not burdened by official relations, but who has deep feelings will stay all evening next to the object of her adoration.

Get Laid at a Wedding

So, you finally saw a girl come single at a wedding. Now you need to choose a location. If next to the girl you like, the place is occupied, sit down within her sight, but away from the groom, bride, their relatives, and toastmaster. So, you will be freer and more independent, which will play a positive role in building relationships.

Now your main task is to capture the attention of the victim, to arouse in her an interest in her own person … and not let her get drunk. If she gets drunk, consider the evening lost, because if a woman is ill, then this is for a long time. She shouldn’t be too sober, too drunk either. Keep an eye on her condition, don’t let her neighbors refill her glass too often. If she sits away from you, find ways to sit next to her.

If she sits far away and you need to get acquainted – invite her to dance. Remember when we talked about not helping her too much with alcohol? Because drunk lady dancing at a wedding is not only funny but also ridiculous. And you can use the dance for your own purposes. Your task during the dance is to demonstrate your financial security and the presence of interesting work. The dance should be performed in a discreet manner at a respectful distance. When the contact is more or less established, you can afford to carefully stroke her back (but not lower!).

Keep in mind that after fast dancing, a woman sobers up. Therefore, you should immediately restore the proper condition in it. If you are afraid of making yourself a laughingstock, and meanwhile your chosen one loves dancing in the Papuan style, you should overpower yourself, otherwise, the girl may switch to someone who did not hesitate to embark on the world of desperate pas with her. A hot dance is half the success of your event.

Your goal is to drag her to your home, at a minimum – to take the phone. Well, or to make the wedding hookup process as comfortable and efficient as possible. I think there will be no particular problems with the phone because the girl shows sincere interest in you. Therefore, we will try to stay alone with her in a free apartment. When the girl has reached the desired condition, and persistent sympathy has been established between you, invite her to take a walk, get some air, go to your place for a cup of coffee. Be sure to promise her that she will go back by taxi, you will see her off or take her in your car – for a woman, the issue of safety is very acute.

If you walk her home, stop often in dark places and generously give her hugs and kisses. With each such stop, the likelihood of joint awakening in the same bed increases dramatically. Remember that even if it’s deep “after midnight” in the yard, you can always convince a girl to drop in literally “for half an hour” to you. If she hesitates, you can resort to a little trick, you say: “Exactly a minute! I’ll try to catch a taxi, if I don’t catch it, we won’t go!” Usually, it works, one, two, three minutes pass …

When you ride in a taxi, gently touch her hand, stroke her leg, and at the same time carry on a conversation, do not let silence reign in the cabin. Silence is your enemy, because when a girl goes to you, she still doubts, the lack of a conversation is a factor that may not play in your favor. If there are no topics, turn to the taxi driver, he is always ready to chat, especially in the presence of a woman, start a topic about cars, about cases from his practice, about his difficult lot … Idle chatter will not allow a woman to focus on her premonitions. Moreover, it will increase your chances of adding to the list of successful wedding hookup stories.

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And a couple more moments. A situation may arise that the best woman in a wedding that you liked does not reciprocate, or upon closer examination, you understand that you should not waste your energy on her. Therefore, in such a case, you must select one more from the crowd – the “understudy pilot”. If you can’t immediately find an understudy, try using the “first pilot” to find him, dancing with a girl, look at the others, suddenly you will see something interesting.

It is very useful to create a situation of rivalry between women. Having found the “understudy”, send the “first pilot” to the place and begin to be nice to the “understudy”. The “pilot” will not be pleased and will most likely try to stop your sweet conversation with the “understudy” by inviting you to dance. Next, you need to expect actions from the “understudy”. Be nice and kind to both of them. They will make your task much easier.


Well, now you know the basic rules of hooking up at a wedding, and you can put them into practice. Be an interesting, attentive, and pleasant man in communication. And even the most beautiful and capricious girl will not resist your magic. Good luck!

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