The Essence of Being Pansexual and Pansexual Dating Sites

Pansexuality dating has recently become a popular topic in the LGBT community. More and more famous people say they are interested in pansexual sex dating, which is amazing, as freedom of choice is promoted. Plenty of people also say they’d like to have a new sexual experience. So, lots of them utilize specialized services looking for enjoyable casual sex. Let’s answer the most pressing questions about pansexual adult dating.

What Is the Pansexual Relationship?

According to the Great Oxford Dictionary, pansexuality is a term used to refer to sexual and romantic attraction to people regardless of their biological sex, gender, or gender identity. This word was first used in 1926 by critics of the founder of psychoanalysis, the world-famous Sigmund Freud. The modern meaning of the term “pansexuality” began to come into use in the early to mid-1970s.

How Does Pansexuality Differ From Bisexuality?

According to the classical definition, bisexuality is a sexual attraction to both men and women, while pan sexuality also includes transgender people in their orbit of sexuality/romance. It would seem that everything is simple. But this distinction can be perceived as transphobic because it implies that trans men and trans women are “fake” men and women.

This ambiguity of the difference between bisexual and pansexual sex is used in the so-called “gender wars”, occurring almost exclusively in blogs and social networks. Trans-exclusives insist on the insurmountability of gender socialization and exclude trans women from the fem agenda. Trans-inclusives emphasize the artificiality of gender and include trans women on the fem agenda. Speaking about the contradiction between pan and bi, it is completely removed if we move away from the binary gender model: pansexuals fall in love with non-binary, trans persons.

Pansexual Dating Sites

Something Interesting About Pansexuality

It may be pretty difficult for some pansexual people to understand their sexual preferences because of a lack of information. In some cases, the pansexual test can help, but the majority of people end up understanding their orientation by themselves, which is good. So, is pansexuality real? Let’s have a look at some things to consider that will help you to get a better understanding of this topic. You are not just horny, you are pansexual.

Pansexuality Is Normal

Do not be afraid of new and incomprehensible terms! You don’t have to figure out what pansexuality is overnight. Give yourself time to get comfortable with new information, it’s fully normal. You can have sex with anybody you want, remember it.

The History of the Word “Pansexuality”

The term “pansexuality” was coined to say that the world is not divided into two opposite poles – men and women. Gender identity is a spectrum along the edges of which the identities of “man” and “woman” are located. The word “pansexuality” refers to attraction to gender non-binary people.

Have you heard of identities such as gender fluids, pangender, bigender, androgynous? So, as we have mentioned, pansexuality means erotic attraction and desire for erotic dating not only to male and female gender but also to other genders, as well as to people who do not consider themselves to be of any gender. Dating with pansexuals is beautiful. It is an embodiment of complete freedom in sexual relationships. Sex partners of this type are ready to experiment in bed, which is amazing.

How Do I Know If I Am a Pansexual Person?

If you feel some connection with the word “pansexuality” and feel comfortable calling yourself that word, if you have an inner readiness to relate yourself to this word – then this is all you need to call yourself a pansexual person. So, you can freely utilize sex services to find like-minded people.

Do Pansexual People Need to Make a Coming Out?

Coming out is informing the people around you, in this case, about your sexual orientation. You may be told that your coming out as a pansexual person is less significant than coming out of homosexual or bisexual people. This is not true: it’s also important.

If you want to share a part of your life with someone, this is always an important step, and it requires respect, no matter what word you define yourself with. If you are coming out for the first time, then you can ask for help and support in the Internet communities, your friends, and acquaintances in real life or on the Internet.

The value of coming out can be overestimated. Such a decision may follow a different scenario. Coming-outs of celebrities can be inspiring. Nevertheless, this step should only be your own decision, open up because you want to.

You Have the Right

If you are interested in dating a pansexual woman or man, you may be told to pick a side and forget about your current preferences. Remember that you don’t have to choose anything, you don’t even have to define your sexual identity in any way. If you want to call yourself the word “pan” – that’s great! If you do not want to call yourself in any way – then that’s great too! You have the right to choose yourself and your comfort.

Remember That “Pan” and “BI” Are Just Terms

These words cannot fully reflect your inner world and tell about what kind of person you are. You don’t have to identify yourself at all. Labels are needed mainly in order to explain to people around you something about yourself and to find people with the same perception of the world.

Now you know everything you need about this type of orientation. So, it’s high time to get to know more about pansexual dating and discuss several free pansexual sex dating sites to choose from if eager to find a partner of the same orientation.

Free Pansexual Dating Sites


AdultFriendFinder is one of the real pansexual dating sites that are worth your attention. This is one of the most reputable platforms on the market. It is suitable for finding erotic dating partners of any orientation, and pansexuality is not an exception. So, here are the main benefits of this platform:

  • The number of users is really impressive.
  • The customer support is amazing, operating 24/7. You will not have any problems with it.
  • The registration is completely free, which is also a plus.
  • The site is not too expensive, so any person can afford it.
  • All lifestyles are welcome; so you’ll always feel understood and accepted.
  • The majority of members are easy-going open-minded people ready to experiment in bed.
  • It is really easy to find a person to enjoy sex with. Lots of users are looking for sex exclusively, which is great.
  • An app is available, which makes using this site even more convenient.


This amazing erotic dating platform was initially designed to suit lesbians, but nowadays, any person with non-standard sexual orientation can find a partner for sex there. Moreover, if you are interested not just in sex, it is possible to build a relationship with its help. Here are what you can do free of charge on this sex site:

  • Register.
  • Add any photos you want (including sexual and horny).
  • See the list of sexy participants online.
  • Look for profiles of hotties.
  • Show you’d like to have sex with this or that member.
  • Add the sexiest people to the list of your favorites.
  • Communicate with premium members.
Pansexual Relationship

Pansexual Dating Apps

Legit pansexual dating sites are not the only option for pansexuals looking for pansexual dating and casual sex. Top pansexual dating sites can help with it, that’s for sure. But there are also plenty of qualitative apps! With their help, you will easily find a sex partner to make even the wildest sexual fantasies of yours come true!


If you are looking for sex without any obligations, Taimi erotic dating app can help you with it! At first, this international social network focused only on a male audience. But now, the ideology of the application has changed, and it is open to all representatives of the LGBT community. Taimi works according to the same questionnaire principle. But here, you will not be asked for money for full statistics and profile boosts – all bonus features of other applications are absolutely free!

Taimi has a very useful feature that is not implemented in all dating services – video calls. Thanks to them, you do not need to share your contacts in messengers in order to chat with a new acquaintance “face to face”. This is done for the safety of users. And the creators of Taimi really care about it. For example, to enter the application, you need to go through two-factor authentication – your privacy is protected.

With the help of this tool, it is easy to find like-minded people, casual sex, regular sexual relationship without any obligations, and more. So, if interested in pansexual dating websites, consider this app and find sex quickly with its help.


The main purpose of this nice erotic dating application is to find the perfect sexual partner. It is easy to find a partner using tags that reflect a person’s preferences. However, thanks to Feeld, you can find both permanent relationships and friends and casual sex, which is amazing.

Why is this app on our list? Because of the great self-presentation system. The user is given freedom of expression and is not limited to two genders and three sexual orientations. That’s what pansexual dating is all about. Are you an asexual girl or maybe a transgender pansexual? This can be reflected in the questionnaire! And you can also specify your preferences in the partner search settings.

Feeld works on the principle of questionnaires, which is pretty convenient. However, you don’t have to like and dislike one person to see the next one: the majority of users are satisfied with it. Here users are presented in a gallery format, so you can always go back, which makes the search for a sex partner much more enjoyable.


This sex search tool is a “child” of the creator of Love Planet for lesbian and bisexual girls primarily. Nevertheless, those interested in pansexual dating can also easily find sex partners with its help. Wonder has three ways to make an acquaintance, you can choose the one that appeals more.

First, you can like the profiles of other users, which is pretty interesting. Then everything is as usual: if there is mutual sympathy, a private chat opens. The second option is to create a meeting announcement, users usually like this option. Anyone can respond to it, and then it’s up to your agreement. And thirdly, it is possible to find partners for sex in general chats by interests, which is great.

The app also has an amazing paid version called W Power. Owners of a premium account can write to absolutely all sexy girls even without a match. Moreover, they can look at the profiles of users who have liked the user and search for a sex partner by special criteria, can you imagine it?


If you are interested in dating a pansexual guy or hot girl ready for sexual experiments, use one of the sites and apps we described. Instead of random pansexual dating sites, utilize the reliable ones. With them, your chances to find the hottest sex partner will grow significantly.

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