Rory Pollard

Education: Sexologist

Expertise: Marriage, family life, relationships

Rory Pollard is a sex-positive person who sees a fulfilled sexuality as the glue of the relationship. He has always been fascinated by sexuality in all its facets – so much that he studied it. This knowledge and his experiences as a person who has survived many ups and downs make him a professional sexologist. He is a specialist who can change his clients’ views on relationships and sex. Rory also writes exciting blog posts on family life, marriage, dating, and personal development. 


People with delicate problems go to Rory for consultations, and some feel stressed and nervous to tell a stranger about them. He is a sexologist, and he knows how to make people more relaxed and open-minded. Such an activity requires a particular approach, patience, and understanding. Besides, he believes that there are no solutions to the same problem for different people, and he tries to find a unique combination of psychological techniques for every person. Rory masters new approaches and directions to offer couples and families efficient and prompt solutions by constantly improving his professional level.


Rory received a bachelor’s degree in psychology to give men and women a systematic view of their problems. At the same time, he studied to be a sexologist to be open to questions from this area. He doesn’t divide life into sex life and relationships and believes that these stories have a common background and common roots. He controls his emotions and finds a common language with the most constrained clients. He also writes blog articles. By reading them, you can get acquainted with his worldview and approach to work.


Creativity brings a lot of positive emotions to Rory, but at the same time, it is exhausting. He often feels waves of creative crisis, which gives way to a new wave of inspiration. And he enjoys this feeling of lightness and the power to rule this world. Thousands of ideas are spinning in his head, and his hands are itching to embody them at once. Rory enjoys painting, drawing, writing poems, and watching movies.

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