Maximum of Joy at New Places – How to Get Laid While Traveling

You love traveling, because it’s a good chance to learn something new, meet nice people and visit interesting places. There are so many amazing and pleasant things in our world. You want to get the most out of this process. Let’s talk about how to get sex while traveling. After all, in this case, you can make your vacation and travel as enjoyable as possible. Our review tells about the main features of this process.

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Main Features and Rules to Get Laid While Traveling

Firstly, I would like to say that going to the country, including for the sake of sex for mutual sympathy, or simply not excluding such a possibility, is completely normal. Travel sex in another country is the same sex without unnecessary obligations, awkward situations once you meet a partner in a common company of friends, accompanying gossip, and the like. And you can be as efficient as possible if you use these tools.

Dating Apps

You can use modern technology if you want to combine sex and travel. There are many different applications for such a process: Tinder and its analogs (Badoo, Pure or, for example, Bumble; for the LGBT community – Grindr, Scruff, Hornet). Dating apps, where you can meet for a walk around the city, dinner, a romantic date, or all together, are the most common way to meet.

How to Get Laid While Traveling

Visit Bars and Salons

An experienced sex traveler may recommend you visit a bar or club. After all, this is where the girls gather in the evenings. And they are ready for dialogue and intimate relationships. Also, you can find reviews of different establishments and read what real users write about these places.

Safety first

No matter how the sea, mountain, and just clean air or a buffet reanimate your entire endocrine system, the main thing with any acquaintances that develop into a solitary pastime is not to forget about your safety. Protect yourself always and everywhere, because you cannot be sure of your partner. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing sex while backpacking, on the beach, in a bar, hotel, or anywhere else – always take care of your health.

Best Countries to Get Laid While Traveling

Also, each country has its own unique culture and characteristics. It is unlikely that you will be able to find a girl for sex in the Vatican. But there are other places where it is much easier to meet a partner for sex. Let’s talk about the best countries to get laid.


The first item in the directory of sex tourists. Those who suffer from bed adventures boldly head to the Asian kingdom. Here the number of workers in the sex industry (officially illegal) reaches 2-3 million people.

It is better to look for a temporary girlfriend in bars. Here you have to pay a fee for taking the girl with you. Cheaper – short-time bars, massage parlors, and, of course, freelancers.


Another interesting country for your sex travel route. Two “hot spots” of the country of tulips – Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Dutch women work here legally. They pay taxes and receive a pension. In Rotterdam, priestesses of love live on Keileweg Street and in the Dutch capital – in the well-known Red-Light District. And in Amsterdam, there is the Red House sex theater, which tourists simply adore. But remember:

  1. In the Red-Light District, do not pull out the camera. Shooting is prohibited here, and your camera can easily be thrown into the canal.
  2. Do not try hallucinogenic mushrooms offered by local coffee shops. This is a banned mind expander that can go to jail if you use it.
  3. Even if you are very passionate, try not to lose your temper. All girls’ offices are equipped with an alarm button.


If you think that sports don’t interest you, then you just haven’t heard about the pornolympiad, which is held twice a year (May 27-31 and October 22-26) on the Mexican island of Cozumel. Having bought a ticket, you will be taken to a huge set of a porn film and become its participant.


There is no official prostitution in Kenya. Unofficially, there are Florida 2000 and Formula 1 clubs in Nairobi. Officially, you do not pay the one with whom you spent the night (or hour). Unofficially – give the girl a “taxi”. Even in Kenya, so-called “romantic tourism” is popular. Elderly European women willingly pay handsome black men for escort, pleasant conversation, and other services, including sexual ones.

There are two dangers in Africa – banditry and very obsessive girls. Never give out your phone number and a link to your Facebook account, otherwise, you will be missed so actively that you will have to change your contact details.


300,000 German women work for the economy of German guests. And they’ve been doing it legally since 2002. You don’t have to look for a lady in the back streets – addresses and appearances are available in newspapers and the Internet. Sexual life is most active in Hamburg, where women of all colors, ages, and sizes are waiting for new friends on the streets of Reeperbahn. This is one of the best vacations for single guys to get laid. Also, local ladies are ready to realize all the most exotic fantasies.

Advice to fans of extreme sports – sex in public places in Germany is strictly prohibited. The fine for sex in the bushes is up to 10,000 euros. If you do not learn the lesson the first time, you can go to jail for up to a year.

sex and travel


The only sex machine museum in the world is located in the center of Prague. The cognitive exposition is complemented by the broadcast of porn films of the past and the century before last. After the elimination of the sexual educational program, you can move on to practice. Any massage parlor, erotic cafe, striptease cafe will offer you a girl for fun.

An interesting Czech feature is “free brothels”. Here you will be provided with a towel, slippers, a condom, and even a girl. Coition will be free, provided that you agree to post your bed exercises on the Internet.


Here the adventurous tourist will find a mate. You can get to know each other better in New Delhi on the GP Road and in the village of Wadia in the state of Gujarat. A few years ago, enterprising residents of the city of Hyderabad decided to go into a profitable business. For a fee, one could get a wife here, though not forever. 40% of the families of a poor town were ready to rent a daughter to a rich foreigner.

Sex tourists in India have a much easier life. Indian women can only have sex after marriage, so men are tormented by sexual hunger, and they are ready for anything for the sake of a white mistress.


Our sex travel blog has helped you learn more about the process and how to get laid while traveling. We hope that this information will help you to operate efficiently and get the most out of your experience. Good luck to you!

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