Hot Women and Warm Communication: How to Get Laid at the Beach

Twenty-first century. Nowadays, people meet everywhere. In convenient or inconvenient places. In stores, on the streets, in the gym, in the club, in the cinema and of course social networks, it’s easy! What about dating on the beach? This kind of dating is only for the hottest boys, young people think. It is not. Anyone can meet a girl on the beach, start chatting with a woman she likes and become the subject of her interest. In our review, we will talk about how to approach a girl at the beach. And this knowledge will help you operate as efficiently as possible.

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Main Rules About Beach Hook-Up

Flirting at the beach has long been commonplace. Moreover, this is almost an ideal place to find new acquaintances. Because here, usually, warm and pleasant atmosphere. People who are on the beach have come here to relax and unwind – their problems are far away, and they are ready to communicate. We will tell you a few features of beach flirting that you can effectively put into practice.

Nice Appearance

Another advantage of picking up girls at the beach is the comfortable style of clothing. You can wear colorful, bright shorts that attract attention or stay in stylish monochrome clothes. It is important that you feel confident and comfortable. Trust us, women feel this very well and they like confident men (this is almost half the battle). Also, girls on the beach are dressed sexy and revealing. You can see exactly what her physique is, and the risk of unpleasant surprises is excluded (as, for example, when meeting in the winter).

How to Get Laid at the Beach

Inspection of the Territory

We have already said that it is very important to smile and be confident. We recommend walking along the beach, inspecting the entire area. There can be many charming girls here, and it is important to choose one lady (or a woman with a friend). Choose a place near the lady you like. Walk past her several times and if you catch her eye on you, then you can safely go to get acquainted!

Having chosen a girl, we do not waste any more time, and immediately get down to business. Professionals say that for dating on the beach you need to follow three basic rules:

  1. Approaching the girl, you should immediately sit next to her, which on a subconscious level will allow her to accept you as part of her reality.
  2. Choosing between dating on land and in water, choose the latter when you offer the girl your help to help her swim to the buoys or get something for her from the bottom, which in itself becomes an occasion to start a conversation.
  3. Acquaintance through a treat when you offer a girl grape, ice cream, or some other “beach delicacy”. Girls on the beach love this type of dating, as it allows them to appreciate your generosity and ability to pay.

 Starting a Conversation

You need to immediately make a good impression on your target. For example, you can approach the girl on a beach with a smile and ask her a non-standard and interesting question (you have a couple of options left, don’t you). Well, or compliment her. This is a win-win rule because girls love compliments. And then act directly. Only when communicating with her, use less banal phrases, joke more, and do not ask stupid questions, the answers to which are obvious.

Get to know each other better

The first step has been taken, it is necessary to consolidate success. And here it is important to act immediately, move to the girl, and communicate with her. You can invite her to play volleyball or other beach games. And here we advise you to have at least 1 attribute for an active beach holiday with you (for example, a volleyball). However, it is best to choose the option that you have an idea about. Remember a confident man. After all, if you play volleyball well, then getting to know hot girls on beaches will be easier. But if sports are not your forte, you should not start with this. It is better to choose the option that is a priority for you. For example, treat her sweet. Offer ice cream. Ice cream in the sun will melt, and the girl simply will not be able to refuse the enticing treat.

Make Compliments

True masters say that compliments are an important part of the beach hook up process. Because they will help melt her heart like melted cheese. And only then you can transfer communication to absolutely any place. Remember that you need to find common topics for conversation. Well, of course, you need to interest her, arouse interest and sympathy.

Interesting Tip

There is one more thing that will help you in the beach hookup process. We recommend bringing sunglasses to the beach. It not only protects the eyes from the sun but is also very comfortable. Because you will be able to explore the surroundings without any difficulties and be interested in the behavior of a lady attractive to you.

An interesting fact is that glasses hide some flaws, so guys look much cooler in them, and girls are prettier. From this we can draw the following conclusion – if you met a girl in sunglasses, come up with any excuse for her to take them off. There are incidental situations when a girl is nothing like that, takes off her glasses, and turns out to be not as pretty as she used to be.

Beach Hook-Up

How to Meet on a Nude Beach

And if you chose a nudist beach as a hunting ground, then you must remember that all the girls on the beach for people without complexes are divided into two categories:

  • those who have chosen a nude beach to find a partner for sex;
  • those for whom tanning in the nude is not a reason to get to know someone.

You will recognize the first because they are in constant search, looking not so much at the faces of men passing by, but at their dignity, the second because they, as a rule, rest in groups and do not look at you, even if you spoke with them.

Getting acquainted, having come to a nudist beach, is very easy – since neither special physical data nor special eloquence is required here because only size is important. If he allows you to consider yourself an alpha male, then you can be sure that you will find a girlfriend within 10 minutes of your appearance. Moreover, the girls on the beach for nudists are very relaxed, and not only do not break down when they meet, but they rarely make you wait when it comes to the transition to a more intimate relationship.


In our review, we told you about how to pick up girls on the beach. Now you can use this knowledge to your advantage. And may luck be on your side!

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