Your Rest with Maximum Joy – How to Get Laid on Vacation

You have earned this holiday and now you should enjoy your holiday to the fullest. You have already chosen a good resort in another country, booked a hotel and got tickets. But there are some points that you do not like. For example, you are traveling alone. But don’t worry, it won’t be a problem for you. Because in our review we tell you how to pick up girls on vacation. With this information, you will know where and how to meet women best, so you can find the perfect partner for relaxing, having fun, or having sex.

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Main Features, How to Get Laid on Vacation

Resort dating is a very fast process. Girls have sex in such conditions without unnecessary regrets since everything that happened on vacation remains on vacation. That is, no one will know about it, and there is no factor of social condemnation. To be more precise, this factor is greatly weakened because social condemnation in the conditions of a foreign city and the society in which you are temporarily located is much less.

Of course, this does not mean at all that the process of getting laid on vacation is very simple, and any girl will go with you at any time. No, women are looking for a man who can fill this vacation with emotions, and since vacation implies cool emotions, then you will have to match this atmosphere of a solid holiday, that is, be a cool sexually attractive guy. That is, to be able to create attraction in a short time, on the other hand, the level of comfort may be somewhat less than under normal conditions, since everyone understands everything, especially when it comes to girls about 25 years old.

The Main Places for Dating in the Resort

There are a lot of beautiful girls in popular resorts, so choose really the best vacation spots to get laid, and not some unknown one, otherwise, you risk ending up where there are none at all. If we are talking about a standard seaside resort town or a large resort town, then there are several main places to explore:

Beach. This is the best vacation for a single man to get laid because most people go just to swim in the sea (ocean), sunbathe, breathe in the sea air. Anything can be a pretext for dating. You can enter into context by asking for sunblock, adding that you forgot yours at the hotel. Then everything is simple – pleasant conversations about common interests, stories about yourself, and a pleasant pastime. But remember that it is important to use flirting in time and show your interest. If you delay with this, then the girl will not be interested in further communication, most likely.

How to Get Laid on Vacation

The embankment places to eat, drink, and relax. For example, in Pattaya (this is one of the best vacation spots for single guys to get laid) there is a place where you can eat delicious outdoors and find a girl for pleasant meetings there. The promenade along the beach is also a cool place where you can find girls both during the day and in the evening. Here you can also arrange an evening date, that is, do not postpone, but transfer the acquaintance into a date right away.

City center, markets. You should also not ignore the city center, which is always full of people, these are shopping centers, cafes of a non-beach format, restaurants – here you can meet more well-groomed girls, as well as local ones if for some reason you don’t like tourists, but you want to find a local girl. Markets are also suitable for this, where there are always a lot of people, many are looking for gifts for their relatives or friends – a great place to meet. Here you can always meet attractive girls who are open to new acquaintances.

Night clubs. These are traditionally the most popular places for vacation hookups. Here the chances of finding the most beautiful girls increase many times over. Nightlife on vacation is what you need. Almost 100% of the girls hang out in these places in the resorts, even if in everyday life they do not visit such establishments. Dress up to stand out from the crowd of guys in flip flops and beach shorts and go. During the night, you can change several of these establishments, they are usually nearby. The principles of dating are the same as in a nightclub in your city: be a cool social guy and act, and not get drunk at the bar.

Hookup dating websites. Yes, you heard right, this can also be used as an alternative. Moreover, you will give out those girls who are nearby. Just don’t write “sex for one or two times” or “singles sex vacation” for dating, neutral “communication” is best.

Resort Seduction Algorithm

So, you met an attractive girl, what to do next? There are no fundamental differences in seduction, except that everything happens faster here. Believe me, no one will expect a serious relationship from you, this is a resort, and they do not come here for this. Girls need emotions! Your job is to give her those emotions. Vacation hook up is a fast process, so go faster than you’re used to, that’s fine.

singles sex vacation

An acquaintance in the evening on the embankment can be immediately translated into a romantic date. Joint beach vacation, especially if you are with a friend, and there are also two girls, transfer to an evening date, or invite you to a party that you arrange yourself. Guess where? That’s right – you have.

Well, either on the beach. During a nightly beach party, you can arrange a swim naked and then warm the girls when you get ashore. This does not mean that you do not need to work on comfort at all. For whatever purpose the girl comes to the resort, she wants to spend time with a person with whom there will be an emotional connection, who will see in her not just a sexual object but also a person. So, let her know that you are interested in her and you feel on the same wavelength with her.

All this can be done in one evening, this is the beauty of resort seduction. Don’t be the one who’s just looking for a place to stick it in, girls read it, you’ll look needy, which is critically bad at seduction. In general, it happens that a holiday romance develops into something more, but this is rather an exception to the rule. But here you can keep in touch. For example, visiting each other.


In our review, we talked about the best vacations for single guys to get laid, as well as places and ways how you can meet charming girls for flirting and sex. It remains only to put this knowledge into practice. Good luck!

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