Tips How To Pick Up Straight Guys At Pride

A straight gay pride parade is an opportunity to expand your boundaries. Previously, Pride races were held to protest the oppression of LGBT communities. Now, rather, it is an opportunity to celebrate the diversity of people and a cool get-together. People of all ages and backgrounds come to the parade, including many hot straight guys. During the pride, there are spectacular processions and many other events related to the theme of LGBT people and those who support them. This review will focus on why these events have become so massive, as well as how to hook up straight guys during the pride.

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How to Get to Pride And Is There a Dress code?

All kinds of people come to the pride, both heterosexuals and hot gay, straight guys. Pride provides an opportunity to learn more about LGBT culture, unite those who are close to the ideas of diversity and equality, and also introduce these ideas to those who want to learn more about them. Here are the most frequently asked questions of hot straight men gay who want to go to pride:

  • How to get to the event itself? Just come, and that’s it? Yes, everything works like that: you just come to the city and come to the local pride. To find out the timetable for the parade and other events of the local pride – just google “pride + city name”;
  • Do I have to be in some kind of costume? No. With the dress code at the pride, everything is the same as at any festival or city festivities. Someone likes to dress up and think over their own image, someone is more comfortable relaxing in a T-shirt and jeans. Pride is, in principle, dedicated to supporting the personal choice of different people, so it is logical that this is where you will be accepted by anyone.
  • Can I get a fuck gay pride? If we get lucky. LGBT people are usually interested in those who are ready to reciprocate and sympathize with them. At the pride, LGBT people have a lot of opportunities for sex hookups, and if you are ready, then you have excellent chances.
  • How do LGBT people feel about straight people who come to see? Pride is a celebration of acceptance, and anyone who is benevolent, and whatever your orientation or identity, is welcome. What is important is your interest in the topic of LGBT people, your willingness to see and learn something new, as well as respect for those who are still in thought. There are cases when hot straight guys go gay, after attending the pride, so everyone is welcome here.
How to get laid at pride

Your First Gay Pride: 5 Tips For Straight Guy Gets Laid

Here are some tips for those looking to get laid gay during the pride:

Explore The Location in Advance

In addition to the procession itself, queer art exhibitions, LGBT movies festivals, and other events take place on the days of the parade. Explore the program to select events that interest you. It is also helpful to study the route of the parade. For example, in Berlin, it is completely unnecessary to walk from the Kurfürstendamm to the Brandenburg Gate with the whole crowd. It is much more comfortable to take a clearing in the Tiergarten and watch the multicolored crowd marching by. It also increases your chances of finding a sex partner.

Expect the Unexpected

It is possible that you will meet your friends at the parade. For example, a classmate you haven’t seen since school or a former colleague, etc. Yes, they can march in a parade, wear rainbows, or cuddle with their partner. Just attending a pride does not say anything about someone’s sexual orientation or identity, so it’s important not to make assumptions or spread rumors based on what someone does or doesn’t do at a gay pride parade. And besides, sex hooking with friends is legal, so you can take advantage of such a great opportunity.

Choose The Right City

It is very important that first impressions are positive, so I advise you to deliberately choose a city for such parties. Going to cities where the tradition of parades is relatively fresh is definitely not worth it. For example, in Eastern Europe, LGBT supporters march along with riot police guarding the procession. It is unlikely that such an event will allow you to get an idea of how this happens, much less find someone to get laid with.

Choose The Right Area

If you want to be in the middle of the events that accompany the pride, it makes sense to live close to the gay area. For example, in Barcelona this is L’Eixample. It will be a shame to dangle there every day from Montjuic. And vice versa, if you are only interested in the parade, you can safely book a hotel by the sea and go once to the Plaza de España. It is also important to remember that for the sake of the parade, streets are often blocked, and many public transport routes are canceled, so even getting around the city can be difficult. But on the way to the pride, you can meet someone with whom you can get laid.

Do Not Be Shy

Yes, there might be naked guys getting laid. And half-naked people will be for sure. There is no need to talk about over-sexualization, let’s leave that to some media. But in part, pride is a celebration of sexuality. And here you can meet completely different people. Someone will march in shorts, and someone will go in a wheelchair. The parade is a safe place to express yourself. The keyword is “safe”. Keep this in mind and behave accordingly.

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