Top Tips How To Get A Girl At A Party

A party in a nightclub is the very place where girls especially come to meet. Absolutely everything is conducive to a quick hook up at party, dating, and easy communication. You don’t even need to come up with special occasions to meet your girlfriend at the bar. It’s enough just to go up to the girl, say hello, and invite her to treat her. If she agrees, then the party is a success, and it will end with sex with a chick. In this review, you will learn the basic tricks about how to hook up with a girl at a party. You will also learn about all the pros and cons of these hookups, so if you are interested, then keep reading this step-by-step guide.

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Pros And Cons of Party Hookups

Here are some of the top benefits of finding hookups at a nightclub party:


  • Atmosphere. Most girls come to the club to relax, dance, meet new people, and of course, be getting laid at a party. The atmosphere at any party is conducive to sex hookups.
  •  Alcohol. Most of the friends at any party are drunk. It is no secret that alcoholic drinks liberate girls and help to quickly persuade them to have sex.
  •  You don’t need to look for a reason to hooking up at a party. All you have to do is walk up and say, “Hello baby, would you like to have some fun?” As a rule, if one or two girlfriends refuse, others will willingly agree to random sex.


  • The main drawback at the party is loud music, which makes dialogue difficult. Therefore, if you want to learn how to party hooking up, then learn to express your thoughts as shortly as possible and use gestures more often.
  • Another disadvantage is the presence of a crowd. Having picked up a friend, it can be difficult to find a place for solitude, so most often, everyone fucks in toilets at parties or on the street.
How to get laid at a party

How To Start Hookups At The Party?

The first place to start is your appearance. The club environment is not so demanding on the ideal appearance. On the dance floor, in the semi-darkness, in a crowd of people, no one will look at you intently. Especially when most hot chicks are already drunk, and all they need is someone who has a hard cock.

The only recommendation is to wear more light-colored clothes: white and pastel t-shirts, shirts and polos, light jeans or trousers. This is necessary in order for you to be more noticeable in the semi-darkness and conspicuous against the background of other potential bulls.

However, this does not mean that you can afford to look sloppy in the club. Girlfriends will always check out the cool outfit and stylish hairstyle. Then everything follows the pattern, you see a sexy baby, it is especially good if she is already drunk, otherwise, you help her get to the desired state. An informal party does not imply special occasions for acquaintances. So it’s pretty easy to approach it and say something like:

  • “Hey, I like you. Let’s buy you a cocktail “or” Hello, You dance well. My name is (your name).”

You can meet on the dance floor, but the main meeting point is the bar. We can’t fail to mention the club entrance and face control, as this is also a great place for sex hooking. A queue usually forms here, and there is a great opportunity to start a dialogue. To do this, just ask the girl something or make a comment. Here are some examples:

  • “Hey. Do you often come here? Do you like this club? This is my first time here.”
  • “So many people today. Do not push through.”

Another great way to prove yourself is to open the door in front of her and skip ahead. In addition, you can help in the wardrobe to remove outerwear in the cold season.

How to Choose a Girl and Attract Her Attention at a Party?

How to determine whether a girl is counting on an acquaintance or just came to relax and dance? If a girl wants to get laid at the party, then:

  • She will actively look around, “catch” the guys’ glances;
  • She will willingly communicate with others, smile, flirt;
  • She will have fun laughing with her friends;
  • She will be beautifully dressed and have bright makeup;
  • she will be located in a place where it is easy to approach it: in the aisle or not far from the bar.

As soon as you spot a suitable girl, you need to be in her visibility zone. In order to attract her attention, you need to “catch” her eye and smile. As soon as you receive a return smile, you can safely approach and start the acquaintance.

Some More Advice How To Hook Up With Someone At A Party

Here are some helpful tips from pick-up artists:

  • Don’t focus on one. You don’t need to focus on one girl, even if you really liked her. The correct strategy is to hook up at party with a little bit of everyone and keep getting to know only those who have shown a great interest in you.
  • Emotions. In club dating, your emotions play the biggest role. If you come there after a hard day’s work, nothing good will come of it. You should come to the club after having a good rest. It is best to get some sleep or just lie in bed for a few hours before.
  • Confidence. When dealing with women anywhere, it’s important to be confident. The hook up party is no exception. Oftentimes, guys get in the way of fear and shyness. In order to overcome them, understand the technique of how to get girls at parties.
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