How to Meet Women on Facebook – Trustworthy Guide for Beginners

Facebook is like a new bar outside your house or a friend’s party. You see a pretty girl on a friend’s Facebook wall, and you can’t walk up to her or catch her eye. But there are a few things you can do to figure out how to pick up a girl on Facebook without leaving your computer. If you want to know how to pickup a girl on Facebook, just follow some simple tips.

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Create an Exciting Profile

  • Make sure that on your personal Facebook page, there are only those photos in which you look your best. Don’t start texting a girl if you haven’t uploaded new photos since when you were still a schoolboy. Before looking for a girl on Facebook, delete all old or bad photos where you didn’t turn out very well.
  • Don’t upload a bunch of photos of weird girls (unless you want to look like a real macho man). Moreover, you should not upload pictures that clearly show that you are drunk or acting like a fool (unless you think that some girl might like it). This is a pretty good recommendation to meet women on Facebook correctly.
  • Look through each photo and ask yourself, “Will the girl I’m about to pick up like this?” Leave a few “adequate” photos where you are in the company of some girls. This way you can show that girls like to communicate with you.
  • Demonstrate to her that you have a real social life. If you want to attract attention and meet women on Facebook, they need to know that you are in demand. You must have a decent number of Facebook friends. Place different interesting things on your wall, or show that you visit different parties, for example.
  • Be active and comment on the photos for meeting cougars on Facebook so that they, in turn, comment on your photos and links. Show the girl you like that you are a funny guy and people just like to communicate with you. If you only have 10 Facebook friends and your wall posts have not been updated in a year, she may be suspicious of you.
  • Don’t upload too often. Add new posts to show you are active, but not so often. You don’t want your chosen girl on the web to think Facebook is your whole life, do you? Don’t let her see you roll up to a lot of girls on Facebook if that’s the case. Be tricky and hide your playful messages from public view restricting the ability to comment or communicate only via private SMS.
  • Let your profile reveal what sets you apart from others. You shouldn’t pour your heart out on Facebook. Girls should be able to learn something cool and memorable about you from your profile. If you like some bands, then post this information on your wall. If you are a fan of surfing, then post a few photos of you and your friends crossing the waves. Show that you have tons of cool interests outside of social media.
How to get laid on Facebook

Picking Up Chicks on Facebook

  • Find the girl that suits you most. Search Facebook for a cute girl who seems fun or who loves adventure. And most importantly, she is in no relationship. In an ideal world, you and she should have several mutual acquaintances in order to quickly become mutual friends on the network. Do not stop your choice on an unfamiliar girl and look for mutual friends. Make sure she’s not in a serious relationship at the moment. In any case, you should be alerted by her pictures with her boyfriend.
  • Add her to your friends’ list. Send her a request to add you as a friend. Chances are, a girl who doesn’t know you personally is more likely to reject the request or even block you, which is funny. If you are still superficially familiar, then your request may not surprise her at all. It will be more difficult to get into this girl’s list of friends if you just saw her on someone’s profile and you live at the same time at different ends of the country.

If your acquaintance with a single white woman on Facebook was very fluent, then it is better to send a short message asking. Nothing serious as it is simple enough “It was fun chatting with you at Mike’s party last week.”

When you see a pretty girl on the wall of one of your friends, try to join their conversation. Leave a comment she likes and try to get her talking.

Remember, Facebook has a very strict sexual harassment policy. If the girl did not accept your friend request, then it is better to leave her alone. Do not bombard her with aggressive messages, or she will complain to the site administrators, and they may block your account.

  • Take a close look at the page of the desired lady on FB. Once you become friends, you will have access to her page. This way, you can learn something new about her (depending on how active she is on Facebook). The more you know about the girl before you try to pick her up, the easier it will be to strike up a conversation and interest her.

Pay attention to some points before meeting women on Facebook:

  • Mutual friends. See if you have any mutual friends with her, or look at pictures of her to see who your potential girlfriend is good with. If you recognize someone, it can be carefully mentioned in the conversation.
  • Interests and intentions. Look at the photos of the girl and the possible communities in which she is a member. Try to understand in this way what she likes best: playing tennis or hanging out at noisy parties.
  • Posts. Everything she writes in her chronicle will help you understand her attitude towards work or school, for example. It will help you to understand what her plans are for the holidays and the coming weekend.

Finally, you can invite your lady to a real meeting to get to know her better. These are basic and quite effective tips to get laid on Facebook in a correct manner.

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