Reach Your Goals Anywhere – How to Get Laid at a Bar

Modern technology has made our life easier, but real men prefer to meet women offline. Because this way they can see the girl in person, start communication and make the right impression. Real seducers don’t need fancy gadgets. Their weapons are charisma and intelligence. In our review, we will tell you how to hook up at a bar and win the heart of the most spectacular and beautiful ladies.

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Important Tips on How to Start Dating Girls in a Bar

Of course, a lot depends on the location. Because there are quieter and more classic bars where visitors are not too inclined to socialize. A great example is the bar “Moe” from the animated series The Simpsons. It is unlikely that girls go to such establishments and are ready to meet men there.

Therefore, first of all, ask Google the question: “what is the sex bar near me”. Look at the list of establishments and choose the best option. Also, you can go to a bar where you are known. Moreover, make friends with the bartenders, because they can help you a lot. A bartender friend will always highlight your strengths in a conversation around the bar. And if you’re in the mood to meet someone tonight, plan. Call the bar and ask for a table or seat at the bar. You can give way to the girl you like or invite her to sit with you.

Think of the right image. Yes, you go to one of the hook up clubs, but who will you be there? A seductive and brutal heartthrob or a modest and romantic intellectual? Depending on how you are dressed, what perfume you are wearing, whether you speak quickly or slowly, animatedly or calmly, you can make a completely different impression on a girl. The image and mood also influence the choice of the place where you want to meet your love (for this evening or life). It is important to be a confident man.

How to Get Laid at a Bar

Study the situation. You are going to a bar alone to get laid. Now you need to walk around the hall and understand which girls are ready to meet you. Choose the lady you like and see if she came alone or with a man. Now, wait for her to almost (almost – this is important) finish her drink, smile, and make eye contact. Make sure the girl responds to your gaze without choking in horror. Sit next to me, order something for yourself and see what exactly she drinks – this is also important. Hold on confidently, as if you can’t even admit that she doesn’t want to communicate with the beautiful you.

Now you can joke or intrigue her. Humor and good jokes make hooking up at a bar much more effective. For example, you might say, “Is it true that girls who drink margaritas are especially emotional?” or “Is it already (yet) ten in the evening, and you are still (already) drinking martinis?” And you can offer to treat her with a cocktail.

Remember touch. Tactile contact is an important part of the path to sex in a bar. Of course, in no case should you immediately put your hand on the girl’s thigh or ass. When we decide whether we like a person or not, tactile sensations decide almost everything. After a successful joke (hers, not yours), while you are sitting at the bar, you can delicately touch the elbow (you would approvingly pat your friend on the shoulder, but this is inappropriate here), at some point put your hand below her shoulder blade and ask, whether your companion likes everything.

When you leave the bar, unobtrusively hold her waist and arm just above the wrist (you’re just helping the girl up the stairs). Do not forget to help get into and out of the taxi, regularly help to take off and put on outer clothing. If the conversation is going well, and you feel that she is located towards you, at some point, you can gently fix her hair. For example, remove a strand from the face. While walking from bar to bar, offer the girl to take your arm.

Avoid mistakes. Of course, hanging out with sexy women in bars can be stressful for some men. Often the guys at the bar, to cope with the excitement or gain more confidence in themselves, begin to lean on cocktails. The more alcohol, the less control. You run the risk of getting drunk, or the girl will simply suspect that you have a drinking problem. Drink slowly and measuredly. A drink is just an accompaniment to your conversation. You must talk a lot and interesting. Tell us about yourself, what you do, be sincere and funny. And don’t forget to ask the girl questions, compliment her, and emphasize where your opinions and interests converge. You can completely forget about the cocktail because you are so interested in her.

Kiss for her. Here you are, leaving the last bar, feeling hesitant to invite her to your place, slowly take out your phone to order a taxi home for her, and timidly ask for her number. In general, everything is correct, just do not forget to kiss the girl goodbye. And not necessarily immediately brazenly on the lips, you can very gentle kiss on the cheek because sometimes charming modesty captivates much more readiness to rip off clothes right in the middle of the street. Who knows, maybe after your kiss the girl herself will not want to go home alone.

How to Start Dating Girls in a Bar

A Few Short Explanations in the Conclusion of the Article

The process of hooking up at a club or in a bar has its own rules and principles. We decided to summarize the information, making it more structured, understandable, and useful for you.

  • Positive. It must come from you. People come to the club to have fun, to get positive emotions. No need to build a gloomy thinker out of yourself. Take it up in the library.
  • Don’t be too flashy. Don’t do it. Otherwise, you’ll be out of breath in an hour.
  • Don’t act like Werther Robot or Michael Jackson on the dance floor. Make a choice right away – either dancing or dating. Move a little to the beat of the music. Dance. It’s enough. Over time, this will happen automatically.
  • Don’t get drunk!
  • Don’t run from one girl to another. If you are refused, calmly return to the starting position.
  • Do not stay in the club until the last.
  • Politeness and a smile are your best quality in communicating with visitors, bartenders, waiters, DJs, and other public.
  • Don’t stagnate. 1 hour is more than enough for the initial collection of information and target selection.
  • If dating fails, strike up a conversation with a girl you don’t like. Just chat with her. You must be as rare as possible alone for a long time.
  • Remember that having sex at the bar is not a goal, but an additional pleasant bonus to a pleasant pastime. Do everything unobtrusively. You came to rest!
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