Fun and Positive Sexual Energy – How to Get Laid at a Concert

Music is an amazing thing that stimulates people to do different things. Many get inspiration from symphonic music, energy from rock, etc. Favorite music can give a huge amount of positive emotions. Especially if we are talking about live concerts of your favorite bands. And most importantly, here you can meet hot concert girls and have a good time. Our review will give you some useful tips on how to behave at a concert, as well as how to win the attention of a charming lady.

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Pros and Cons of Pick Up Girls at a Concert

The process of hooking up at a concert, like all other processes, has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s talk about the important features to consider. The first plus is that a concert is a place where people are relaxed, everyone is in a festive mood. The problems of the girls remained outside the scope of this event, and in this case, they are most inclined towards new acquaintances. If a girl is not with her boyfriend, but just with a group of friends (and this is easy to understand), then no matter how inaccessible she may look, her unconscious part is tuned in to new acquaintances.

Also, you can roughly understand the interests and nature of girls at concerts (each group has its audience with special interests). This means that you can predict topics for conversation at least, you can ask her to tell you more about your favorite artists, and talking about music leaves few people indifferent.

How to Get Laid at a Concert

Now a little about the shortcomings. Most often, it is loud music. Because of this, you will have to start dating after the concert or during a break (if there is one). And therefore, a big disadvantage is the likelihood of losing sight of the girl when a huge mass of people leaves the hall.

Another point that you should consider is that with a 99% probability the girl is not alone there, it is unlikely that she is going to a concert alone to get laid. Rest assured, she has friends around. So be prepared for the fact that you will need to “work” with a group of people, and not with one particular girl, as happens, for example, when meeting in a store or on the street. And for a humble beginner, this is perhaps the main disadvantage.

And unlike dating in clubs, you can’t persuade her to run away from there. Also, in no case should you follow her when she decides to go to the toilet. A self-sufficient person, enjoying a concert, will never decide to leave it just to get to know someone. After all, this can be done a little later! And imagine what a girl thinks about a guy who catches her on her way to the toilet or back. At the very least, she will suspect that something is wrong with him.

Tips About How to Get Laid at a Concert

So, you’ve decided to go to a festival or a performance by your favorite band. Here you can not only enjoy their music but also find a woman for flirting or sex. Let’s talk about how to pick up girls at a concert.

First of all, we recommend choosing the right gig. You definitely shouldn’t go to a symphony orchestra performance (even if you’re a fan of symphonic music). Because there are special rules of decency here, girls are unlikely to agree to sex in a concert. However, everywhere and everywhere, there are some fundamental rules. We can recall one interesting wisdom: “to please a real woman, you must be a real man.” Confidence, a pleasant smile, and a good sense of humor are the key to any girl’s sympathy.

But there are a few things to pay attention to. For example, the concert is noisy. Therefore, non-verbal communication is the main key at the first stage of acquaintance with sexy concert girls. If there is an opportunity to non-verbally attract attention, then use it! It can be just a smile to a girl or an approving gesture showing that she looks great.

Keep in mind that you should not run after her if she went to the toilet. Some guys think, “Now I’ll take advantage of the situation and get to know her alone.” But this is a bad choice. Let’s look at all this from the side. You break away from the concert, which, by definition, you should like, and run to meet a girl who has gone away on business and is thinking about how she would return as soon as possible. Something doesn’t fit, does it? After all, if you like this concert, then you should not run after the beauty, depriving yourself of the pleasure of watching. The girl will immediately feel that, most likely, the concert does not bother you much, and you came here specifically to “pick up” someone.

So that there are no awkward pauses in the conversation, and you can show the girl that you are here for a reason, but because you are a connoisseur of creativity, we advise you to collect and study additional information. Especially if during the acquaintance you will communicate not with one girl, but with a group of her friends. This will emphasize your level of development and make you attractive.

hot girls at concerts

By the way, it is desirable to understand the work of the group that gives a concert. If you tell her a couple of interesting facts from the life of the performer (group), then you will provide yourself with an interesting topic for conversation. In addition, it will add some pluses to your attractiveness piggy bank.

There is nothing difficult in communicating with the whole group. In a group of friends, there are sure to be a couple of people who will respond positively to your initiative in a conversation, and over time you will gain the trust of all its members. Joke, tell interesting stories and be attractive.

If you notice that a girl is in no hurry to show interest in you, then shift most of your attention to her friends. Her feminine nature will make her doubt her attractiveness. Even the hot girls at concerts still want to feel the attention of men. And if you made her doubt, she will try to prove otherwise and start showing more attention. But remember that this trick must be performed wisely.


We tried to explain to you how to ask a girl to a concert and how to start dating hot ladies at such an event. This is just the beginning, but you can already make a positive impression. Mutual sympathy and interest, as well as positive emotions and adrenaline from the concert, can become a catalyst for your relationship. And you will be able to say that you had sex at the concert of your favorite band. Good luck!

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