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When people are ready to experiment, they need a place to meet partners who are also willing to have some fun. It seems an easy task, but in fact, it takes a lot of effort and time. For instance, seeking sexual partners offline is a pretty difficult task since you have to find like-minded individuals. That’s why such sites like are so helpful and extremely fun to use.

2851 girls online
9156 visits / day
2348 girls online
8993 visits / day
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8275 visits / day dating site is a great place to meet new people, start exciting relationships, have fun, and gain new sexual experience. It is a site targeted at adults who either know what they want or are willing to explore new aspects. The website belongs to a reliable company and is trustworthy. It has thousands of active users and offers various interesting features that will make your life even more fun and exciting.

In A Nutshell

The review of shows the site is an adult website. It is focused on individuals seeking to gain sexual experience and to experiment. It is easy to use the website due to the convenient filters in the search system. It is also fun to customize the account to make it more memorable and eye-catching. Due to reviews of the website, it has lots of options to offer, depending on your sexual orientation, preferences, etc. If you want to try something like BDSM, kinky sex, etc., then is a great option.



  • Enjoyable for people of various sexual orientations.
  • Offers pleasant experience.
  • Finds matches near you.
  • Simple and easy to use the website.
  • Has options to customize the profile.
  • Has adult content (paid videos).


  • You get charged for viewing profiles. main-page At A Glance

  • Best for: mature individuals willing to have sexual experiments; available for people of all sexual orientations.
  • The number of members: millions.
  • Recommended age: 25-40
  • Favorite features: profile customization, games, paid content, compatibility tests, descriptions from other members of the community, etc.

What Is

Due to many reviews of real members of, it is a website designed to satisfy the mature needs of adults. “Alt”, in this case, stands for alternative relationships. And “alternative” means kinky sex, role-playing, BDSM, bondage, fetishes, etc. Everything most people wanted to try can be found here, on

The reviews of people claim that the site also offers adult content for money—for example, special movies, live streams, etc. The profiles can be reviewed only after upgrading your own account to premium as well as paying for views. The site is trying to protect the members of the community; therefore, viewing profiles is a paid feature.

Most profiles contain mature content, so the website is available for people of legal age who have proven they are older than 18 years. The truth about is that it is a fun website targeted at adults who know they want something different. They want to try sexual experiments and meet like-minded individuals.

Due to reviews of real people using, the site offers everything an adult needs. It has awesome features and games, to name a few:

  • Hot or not game.
  • Descriptions are written by other users about you.
  • Compatibility tests.
  • Customization of your profile (blings).
  • Search by kinks; customization by kinks.

Due to the reviews, has thousands of profiles of people willing to hook up. Yes, the main purpose of the website is to hook up with other people nearby. And it’s extremely easy to find matches with those functions mentioned above. For example, the Hot or not game allows members to be matched with someone they like. Mutual interest guarantees they will have fun.

You could also try out the amazing compatibility tests to find perfect hookups. Useful and fun filters allow members to find matches due to specific interests. Due to reviews, users love seeking matches due to kinks. A simple example, if you are into feet fetish, you could use a filter to find someone with the same interests nearby. It’s easy and enjoyable to use the website.

How Does Work?

To make it work, new members create new accounts. Members can see amazing profiles of awesome individuals after upgrading accounts and paying for a review. This feature is supposed to protect users so they can freely post their exciting and sexy photos.

The reviews claim the site is awesome since it has lots of opportunities to stand out from the crowd and find the best matches. Users meet people due to their preferences. When they are using the search filters, they meet awesome people who can meet their preferences. Users in their reviews claim it is a fun and enjoyable site targeted at adults who want to gain amazing experience.


To create a new account in this amazing platform, open the log on the webpage, and complete a short questionnaire. Then you might want to proceed with adding details to your account. You could immediately upload your amazing photos to show them to awesome visitors to the website. You might be interested in customizing the profile by adding some amazing blings from the collection, or by creating them on your own. The website lets you express yourself, and it is amazing. registration

Search & Profile Quality

The search is pretty sweet, considering all the filters it has. You could differentiate potential matches due to their interests or even kinks. Find hookups due to location, kinks (such as feet kinks, bondage, etc.), and view the profiles of people nearby.


The main question people ask – “is legit?”. Yes, the website is truly amazing and unique. There are different websites targeted at adults, but is one of the best since it has tons of awesome opportunities. All the payments are safe; the platform is certified and operates legally.

Help & Support

The support system is helpful due to the reviews of users. The website has an amazing and informative Q&A section, so it will be easier to get acquainted with the platform. If you still have some questions to ask, the support team members will be happy to help.

Prices & Plans

The best available plan due to the reviews of users is the one that costs 8 dollars per month. This plan grants you one full year of using the website, plus six more months totally free of charge. It is one of the best plans, but if you want, you could try the platform first by purchasing a month.


So is good? Yes, the website is amazing, and it offers fun opportunities. Due to the reviews, it is extremely easy to meet like-minded individuals to hook up. People in their reviews are positive and recommend using this outstanding adult site. Every person using is happy and satisfied. Plus, the site is affordable compared with other platforms. hottest members
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