Cruise Ship Sex Hookups

A cruise is, first of all, a great mood. One has only to step over the side of the ship, and you find yourself in another world. All business and worries remain on the shore, and you are immersed in a special atmosphere. The liner slowly departs from the pier, and you enjoy the clean, fresh air, beautiful scenery, etcetera.

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In the evening, you will be able to pick up the best singles cruises to hook up, which attend the entertainment programs on the ship. The bars offer cocktails, ice cream, coffee, tea. And the most important thing is that every day you get new impressions from the cities you visit. But if you have chosen a sail for sex romance and want to know how to get laid on a cruise ship, then this article will be useful for you.

Pros and Cons of Hooking Up on a Cruise


  • A sail is a constant movement, every day, there are new cities, but after the excursions, you can comfortably relax in your cabin or sunbathe on the deck.
  • You can walk around the city on your own or take advantage of additional excursions, which are offered to be paid directly on the ship. Also, if you are going to get laid on a cruise ship, you can invite your favorite sexy beauty to do it together. Most of the girlfriends go on a cruise because of the hookups, so the chance of a positive answer is very high.
  • And, of course, one of the main advantages is a variety of entertainment programs, discos, watching movies, etc. Carnival cruise hookups are especially good, which can be so intense that you won’t have time to sleep. The entire cruise will take place in a horizontal position.


  • The main minus is the price. This type of recreation cannot be called cheap. A number of factors affect the price of a sail. First of all, it is the duration of the trip and the seasonality of the voyage. So, prices in the high season in July-August will be much higher than the cost of spring and autumn tours. The following factors are exotic and richness of the route. The cheapest are trips in the Mediterranean, while sails in the Atlantic and Indian oceans are traditionally expensive.
    However, you can save money if you buy a ticket in advance or take advantage of special offers. There are also so-called ferry flights – voyages that start at the very beginning or end of navigation and are much cheaper. They are no different from ordinary voyages. True, for a similar amount, many will prefer to relax in land-based resorts. But again, if you compare how to get laid on a carnival cruise with a conditional vacation in Turkey or Thailand, then finding a girlfriend is much easier.
  • Another disadvantage is the lower level of service on the ship. The tables will not burst with an abundance of various dishes: the galley of the ship is too small for this. But there is enough room for hot and sexy babes who sunbathe topless during the day and are getting laid on a cruise at night.
How to get laid on a cruise

Tips How to Hook Up On a Cruise

Tourists who are getting laid on a cruise ship for the first time are primarily interested in the peculiarities of the trip itself. What is the liner, what entertainment is available on it?

A liner can be compared to a floating hotel. The ship houses the traditional hotel infrastructure. There is only one difference: the buildings of an ordinary hotel are scattered throughout the territory, and on the liner, all the premises are compactly distributed on decks.”

Today’s floating hotels are unusually large. Usually, they reach 300 m in length, have about 20 deck floors, and can take on board one to two thousand people. For example, the largest British liner Queen Mary-2 to date is designed for 2,620 passengers, its length is 345 m (this is three and a half football fields or four blocks of modern New York), and its height is 72 m (the liner is higher than Statue of Liberty.

Any liner provides a lot of entertainment, so finding a partner for sex fun is not difficult. Most ships have dance clubs, gyms, several swimming pools, spa centers, and jacuzzis. It offers vacation cinemas, duty-free shops, restaurants, and bars. Nightlife on the cruise is also very diverse: captain’s receptions, gala dinners, discos, casinos, European and Broadway shows. In short, all the top sex hooking places are in one place.

Many people are concerned about the feeling of being confined on board. But, believe me, this is an illusion. The liner is so huge that during the journey, you will not even have time to get around it, but finding someone to have sex with, you will definitely try out many hot spots.

Which Cruises Are Better For Finding Sex Hookups?

To date, cruise companies have covered almost all possible sea and ocean routes, so fundamentally, new cruise destinations are no longer appearing on the tourist market. The routes are only being transformed and refined.

Among the crisis itineraries for sexy girlfriends looking for hookups, there is a Mediterranean cruise, and there are many reasons for that. Firstly, Mediterranean voyages are not “tied” to weather conditions (unlike, for example, transatlantic ones). Secondly, the cost of such a sail and a flight to European countries is relatively low. “

However, as the market participants believe, the geography of travel of the fans of cruise hookups is constantly expanding. The reason for this is that trips have the highest return rates for sex tourists. Many who once boarded a huge liner will go on cruise ship hookups more than once in the future.

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