Fubar.com Review

In A Nutshell

Fubar log in is an incredible step. It brings you right to the point where your errant soul is finally out. Members like newly-registered users and eagerly get to know them. The dating website is sure it will be an interesting journey for you. All the games, shops, and every detail make the whole service rich in emotions.

2548 girls online
6251 visits / day
2004 girls online
8477 visits / day
2811 girls online
7249 visits / day



  • A crazy number of users
  • Games
  • Shops
  • Great messaging system
  • All the needed functions are available for free


  • May seem complicated at first

Fubar.com At A Glance

  • Male audience: 2 967 894 members
  • Female audience: 1 306 724 members
  • The main audience congregated in: the USA

How Does Fubar.com Work?

With a review of Fubar, you can slightly grasp the idea of what to do. The main pages which the whole dating website is based on:

  • My
  • Bling Shop
  • Leader Boards
  • Latest
  • Games
  • Drinks

With “My” tab”, one can do different actions referred to as the personal account. Blings pokes, and any other things to express your interests are also displayed here. This dating service is unique in a lot of things. Bling shop is a great chance to please your potential spouse or partner for sexual intercourse. Here, you may buy some gifts with the money you earned on the website and choose the right person to send it.

To amuse one, even more, members can use Drinks to treat them at the party. Fubar coin is the currency all the transactions are done with. Thus, the Games tab will bring you great emotions and some money. With this page, all the users begin to get right to the Leader Boards and pick up a chief of their hearts. All the dating goes along with games, thus making one not bored with love affairs. If to analyze the design in general, members may be confused. You are to start with the pages enlisted above. It will make the process easier.

FuBar Dating

Sign Up / Registration

With so many Fubar.com reviews suggesting signing up without further ado, one cannot withstand this hidden pressure. When the matter comes to registration, members are eager to do this as soon as possible. It is difficult to delineate the surprise by this process which turns out to be extremely simple.

Users are to specify verified email address, password, date of birth, and gender. The next stage requires uploading a photo without which no further actions are possible.

Search & Profile Quality

Is Fubar good? The search system is an indicator of this. A member is given several filters to narrow down the results. Location, Age, and Gender are the main factors. However, people do have some queries about other aspects as well. That is why this dating platform includes Relationship status, level, plays mafia, activated blings, etc.

Profile quality is higher than one may have an impression of. This dating platform requires photo as a stage of sign up process. So the first thing you will see in all the accounts is a picture. With strict regulations, photos comply with policy and have high quality.


Is Fubar safe? Having fun can be secure. This dating service regards it as a duty to ensure safety for each user. To make the precautions, it is a must to decipher what the possible causes may take place.

Fubar.com has an encrypted system. This one tackles data leak. The staff is up to everything else. They review every action of blocking users. Investigation helps them dig out the truth and finally make the decision whether to delete the account or not. The confirmation process as a part of safety contributes to the identification of the personality. One should not be afraid of signing up here. One is rather to fear not doing this and losing a lot.

Help & Support

The help center is like another world in this dating service. It dwells upon so many sides of the platform, that there could hardly exist any further questions.

The FAQ is an intensively elaborated system of questions that may bother you. Here you find the information about coins, blings, and all the unknown terms for you. Still, having worked on this a lot, it does not mean that they left the contact center out.

FuBar Site

You may get assistance 24/7. Regardless of your time zone, one cannot let you down. The ways to reach out to help vary. Only one requirement for users who are willing to get supported. It is available only if your account is confirmed.

Prices & Plans

The truth about Fubar that strikes a lot is free to access. Almost all the actions can be done without any required payment. You may pay with what you earned while playing some games. There are some VIP features with can be attained by credit card transactions.

The price for it is high enough. If you are ready to disburse more than 1500 dollars for 2500 coins, you are either crazy or truly love the person you are doing this for. Nonetheless, there are some offers less expensive. Whatever decision you make, enjoy the functionalities of the dating service.


The fubar dating site is a great chance for people who get bored alone at home. It offers many ways of entertainment. While you are still in a doubt, members make their life better.


What Is The Main Currency On Fubar.com?

You will face two types of currency: Fubucks and coins. The latter is what you can buy with real money by card. A member acquires Fubucks while being active on the dating service. They go along with points awarded as well.

You get Fubucks when you:

  • Rate a photo
  • Leave any comment
  • Somebody becomes a fan of yours
  • Invites somebody
  • Are added as a friend

What Are Points?

Fubar.com has two currencies to use as money but on the dating service. Besides, it has points to identify the rank and popularity of the user. The more you have, the higher the level you are. It is done in a sort of a game to earn points and make your profile better than the others’.

How Do I Chat With Someone?

Fubar.com has a lot of functions that may distract you from the main purpose of the dating website. Still, members do look for someone to communicate with. When one has opted for the person to chat with, they can easily send a message right from the profile review. All the messages are stored on “My page” in the section “Messages”.

What Are Games On Fubar.com?

There are various kinds of activities to take up on this dating service. The most popular one is the games. Whatever taste you have, there is for sure something you will like. One of the top games is Mafia.

Should I Confirm Email?

It is not mandatory if you need only to browse the dating service. This means only getting the idea of how it looks like. Chatting someone, turning to someone for help, playing games and all the primary services are available only for verified members.

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