Complete Fitness Singles Review

An active, healthy lifestyle is not just an option for many solo athletes; it is a way of life that takes time, energy, and enthusiasm. Obviously, it’s important for compatibility to find an athletic companion who has comparable goals and interests, and many single people struggle to find like-minded people who share their passion for cycling, running, hiking, or any other fitness hobby.

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Fitness Singles is an online adult dating site that allows its members to search for sexual partners among athletes based on their location. Members can choose to view only the profiles of people from their location, or they can view all member profiles on the site. Dozens of Fitness Singles reviews note that this is a handy adult hookup site where hardy and strong guys can find fitness models for sex fun.

This adult hookup service has been on the market for 20 years, and it contains the fittest gorgeous girls who don’t mind rocking with strong gentlemen every day. In this review of Fitness Singles, it is also worth mentioning that this adult hookup site provides various search options for its members to employ in order to identify possible partners. Furthermore, Fitness Singles users may discover sex partners using geolocation, which is useful, for example, while riding a bike. This review will go over all of the features of this adult dating service, as well as the truth about Fitness Singles.

Fitness Singles Key Points

  1. Site Name: Fitness Singles;
  2. Average Sign-up: under 5 mins;
  3. Paid or Free: Plans starting as low as around;
  4. Paid Membership Pricing: plans starting as low as around $9.99 per month;
  5. Unique Fitness Singles Facts and Figures:
  • Founded in 2004, headquarters are located at 257 S Shore Drive Buffalo, NY 14219;
  • Part of the Fitness Singles;
  • A good mix of sportsmen seeking sex hookups and other kinks.

Is Fitness Singles Legit?

Many reviews state that this is the best adult hookup service for athletes on the market. The app is intended for sex dating and pleasant pastimes. The Fitness Singles website contains a lot of actual females and guys that are all fucking sporty. The fact that you don’t have to pay to access an adult site is one of the most important signs of its validity and dependability. You simply need to register and establish your Fitness Singles account. You may also create a profile and fill it with a lot of information to boost your chances of successful sex hookups. You may also join groups if you wish to meet specific sports lovers.

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Fitness Singles Dating Site: Pros and Cons


  • Free Fitness Singles sign up;
  • Well-thought-out interface;
  • Advanced mobile app;
  • Clear intentions of all users;
  • 24/7 profile review team;
  • No fake profiles;
  • The possibility of dating young and pretty girls.


  • The site is not available in some regions.

Does Fitness Singles Really Work?

How does Fitness Singles work? This adult sex hookup app has a large and passionate user base that boasts of being the world’s largest adult sex community. The reason for its size is not only because it has a worldwide user base and the app is pretty easy to use. Instead, Fitness Singles has had great success with its matching algorithm, which is able to identify the most compatible hookup matches and match hot girls based on their sexual orientation.

Fitness Singles dating website is available for Android, iOS, and Windows devices. A study of its users reveals some interesting facts about the app. It’s not surprising that those who are open-minded and liberal are more successful at Fitness Singles, but there’s another interesting correlation between age groups and the success of matching based on looks. Research has shown that sexy singles tend to be younger when they are attracted to matches, which is something most of us didn’t expect. Despite this, adult lovers of sex fun and kinks also abound, so you can easily find someone with whom to rock.

Our Fitness Singles Rating

Value for price9.1/10.0
Quality of member9.3/10.0
Ease of use9.1/10.0
Customer satisfaction8.9/10.0
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Is Fitness Singles Worth It?

What is It has been operating for over 20 years, and the CEO and crew are well-versed in the industry and actively listen to their consumers. It’s terrific because you have this incredible functionality on the site, and people have also been heard. Fitness Singles is ideal for sex addicts since it puts together a whole community of evil-minded individuals in one location. The website also includes a lot of handy features. With millions of users, you may easily meet a large number of sex enthusiasts. If you’re one of them, it’s safe to assume the effort is worthwhile.

Registration — Is It Really Simple?

The Fitness Singles sign up process is simple and quick. Here is a step by step guide on how to do it:

  • Go to the Fitness Singles app and open it by clicking the icon on the screen;
  • Click the blue-gray button in the upper right corner;
  • Next, select your gender;
  • After that, indicate the gender in which you are interested;
  • The next step is to choose the age range among which to look for hot babes;
  • Enter your date of birth;
  • Select country/city;
  • Come up with a nickname and password;
  • Enter your email;
  • Next, select the sports you do, and your skill.
  • In the end, select those columns for height, weight, physique, etc., which suits you;
  • Add a photo.

Is It Possible To Find Real Matches on Fitness Singles?

The success of real-life matches on Fitness Singles free adult hookup site is made possible by the matching algorithm. It works by identifying people who are compatible with each other based on their sexual orientation. A match occurs when one person sends their nude photo t another, and the two-rate each other’s photos.

Once a match is established after the Fitness Singles log in, it can send you a message. This message can be very persuasive in convincing you to meet the hot and nasty girls. They will also suggest possible meeting sex dates for the two of you. This message is sent anonymously to the recipient. This was one of the main factors that made the search algorithm popular. Sexy singles like to keep things a secret from their friends, and that’s one of the factors the algorithm uses to find you two.

You can tell that the sexy girlfriends you meet this way are very compatible by looking at their messages. A match with two compatible people will suggest dates. However, a more casual match is also good for not only sex hookups but sports together. Users make it clear that they’ve been matched with someone they’d like to date because they want to show it to their friends.

The success of the match in this adult hookup app is also made possible by the privacy setting that is enabled by default in the app. This means that people can choose whether they want to share their photos. If they do, they are more likely to match someone of the same age and sexual orientation.

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How Much Does Fitness Singles Cost?

Here are the basic prices for a premium Fitness Singles subscription.

MembershipDurationPrice per MonthTotal
Premium1 Month39.99 USD39.99 USD
Premium3 Months21.99 USD65.97 USD
Premium6 Months14.99 USD89.94 USD
Premium12 Months6.99 USD119.88 USD

Are There Unique Features?

  • The Location Feature;
  • Quickly Match;
  • Free Filter.

The Location Feature

You can filter your matches to the area they live in, which is important if you live in a big city or town and would like to find a match close by. You can also filter the area by location. You may want to filter the app to a certain city, or your own neighborhood. If you live in a big city, and you’re not interested in someone that lives in the next town over, or state, then filtering the app is important. You may want to filter for your own city, so you can start meeting up with people close to home.

This is also important for those who would like to get to know someone in their own city. You may not want to date someone who lives in the same state or country but in the same city. However, there’s nothing wrong with meeting up with someone who lives in the same city as you, if they’re interesting and attractive. The location feature on Fitness Singles is a great tool for those looking to hook up with closer to home.

Quickly Match

Fitness Singles is a great app if you want to quickly match with someone that is in the same area, or in the same city. You can also “like” someone, if they look interesting, which can help you see if you want to take the time to chat with them. Once they like you back, or you like them, you can message them privately and start talking.

It’s important to always remember that the person you’re talking to is interested, and most likely looking for the same things as you. If you start sending them a lot of text messages, they may wonder why you’re messaging them, or they may think that you’re hitting on them.

It’s important to let a potential Fitness Singles member know that they are special, and don’t hit on them if they’re interested. This is a major turnoff for someone looking for a serious relationship, but not one that’s a casual hook-up. If you’re not looking for a casual hook-up, or looking for a long-term relationship, Fitness Singles is a great way to get to know someone. However, you should be careful who you’re messaging.

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Free Filter

This Fitness Singles site free feature can be a lifesaver for those looking for committed relationships. You can match with someone, and then start seeing who else they’re matched with, and decide whether or not you want to keep talking to them. If the person they are matched with is flirting, and sending more texts, and you want to keep talking, you can start talking to them.

If you don’t want to talk to someone because you don’t want to set yourself up for a potential long-term relationship, this feature is a great way to tell them.

A nice way to get to know someone in a casual setting, before you actually talk to them, is to view their “match” screen on Fitness Singles. This will tell you what they’re interested in, and whether or not you would be interested in meeting them. In other words, this is a great way to know whether or not you’re interested in talking to them. This will help you decide whether you want to talk to them and if you’d want to continue dating them.

Is Fitness Singles Easy To Use?

Is Fitness Singles good? Certainly. It has a very simple interface that makes it easy to find users for sex hookups. With it, you can create a profile, chat, swipe, view photos, and much more. It’s a really fun and easy-to-use app so you don’t have to spend a lot of time. You will know all the relevant information about a person in just a few clicks. You will receive messages, likes, and comments from people you like. This app will expand your knowledge of people, their skills, and even yourself. All these are just some of the great features of this amazing app.

Help And Customer Support

It’s worth mentioning in this review that it provides technical assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To contact the support team, go to Help/FAQ, click on the “click here” buttons, then fill in the following fields:

  • Topic;
  • Operating system (if applicable);
  • Browser(if applicable);
  • Email address (required;
  • Phone (optional).
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