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A considerable number of different dating sites are created daily. Many people traditionally use old, well-known platforms. However, the Happn review says that this approach is fundamentally wrong. The dating site has excellent functionality, user-friendly design, and low cost.

2912 girls online
6931 visits / day
2746 girls online
9941 visits / day
2809 girls online
8105 visits / day

Happn Key Points

  • Paid service with features free of charge;
  • Quick registration;
  • Minimum fee 10 USD;
  • Created in 2014;
  • Has good reviews in Google Play and Apple App Store.

Is Happn Legit?

What is It is a popular mobile application that has been operating since 2014. During this time, it was not involved in scandals.

Many users who have seen the platform for the first time want to know: is Happn legit? This site operates within the law. It is not human trafficking or prostitution. Men and women chat and have fun together.

Is Happn safe? The creators of the platform have tried to do everything to make users feel safe and comfortable. There are no chatbots or scammers here. However, users should be careful not to get into trouble.

Happn Dating Site: Pros And Cons reviews say that the advantages of the site are much more significant than the disadvantages. Over the years, the Happn site has developed the most favorable conditions for cooperation.


  • Simple registration;
  • Some time may be used free of charge;
  • Excellent interface;
  • A Large number of users;
  • You may purchase additional features without a full subscription.


  • Not as popular as many other venues;
  • Cannot be used on a computer;
  • Critical features are pretty expensive.
Happn main page

Does Happn Really Work?

The review says it is a handy tool for anyone who wants to find a one-night stand. It is not suitable for a serious relationship. Here are registered people who thought they had an excellent time.

How does Happn work? Before you meet a suitable person, you need to register and replenish your account, and only after that can you search for the most convenient sexual partner.

A review of Happn says that the platform offers the most simple and transparent conditions. It has a good interface that a person without much computer knowledge can figure out.

After you register, you may use the search engine. Here you may enter the main criteria for what the ideal sexual partner should look like. Next, the system will offer several candidates to choose from, and you may select the most suitable one and make an appointment. In the future, the hookup site will analyze the profiles you liked and suggest similar girls.

Our Happy Rating

We analyzed Happn reviews and platform performance and created our rating based on the data:

Qualitative Matches8
Ease of use7,5

As you can see, the Happn dating website got good scores in almost all categories (except the support service). It means that the platform works well, but it needs to be improved.

Is It Worth It?

The truth about Happn is that it is worth the money.

You may use it free of charge, but don’t expect any results. The Happn review says that paid features are relatively inexpensive, and you get a lot of valuable features for the money you spend.

Happn dating site has developed convenient pricing plans that will suit people who plan to use it every day and those who want to use it once every few months.

Happn create account

Registration – Is It Really Simple?

To use the Happn app, you must go to Google Play or Apple Store and download the required software. Happn sign up takes only a few minutes.

When registering, you need to create a username and password. Happn review says that to make signing up more straightforward, you may use your Google email, Apple ID, or mobile phone number.

Next, you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire, where you may tell about your date of birth, city of residence, gender, and sexual preferences. Usually, it takes only a few minutes, but it will be much easier for the system to search for an ideal partner in the future.

Happn users say that if you provide more additional data, the account attracts more attention. Since you don’t expect to get into a serious relationship, you don’t have to tell the whole truth. Here it is enough to learn the legend well.

You should also choose some good photos in advance. You must be alone there (without relatives and friends). You may select several images where your figure and face will be visible. It will also draw additional attention to your Happn account. You should not put pictures of movie stars or photos from the Internet on your avatar. When it comes to an actual date, it may lead to trouble.

After registration is complete, you may proceed to Happn log in. Logging in will take only a few seconds if you have linked your account to Google email and Apple ID.

Once the registration process is over and you are logged in, the user may purchase a premium account or try out the platform free of charge. In the first case, you will get many more valuable features; in the second, you may save money.

Is It Possible To Find Real Matches On Happn?

Happn review says the platform has created all the conditions to make it possible to find real matches. It was specifically designed to help people find the most suitable one-night stand. It is generally not ideal for meeting a serious relationship.

Do not expect that you will meet your ideal partner on the first day after registration. On average, it takes about 3 days. It is much less than in real life.

You may send likes and particular messages to speed up the search process. The more proactive you are, the sooner you’ll find a one-night stand.

Happn chat

How Much Does Happn Cost?

The Happn website is available in paid and free-of-charge formats. The choice depends on what features you want to get. Here are the different tariff plans:

Premium Subscription
Membership term, monthsMonthly cost, USDTotal cost, USD
CoinsPrice per item, USDTotal cost, USD

As you can see, Happn member may buy a one-month subscription and the whole year. It is economically much more profitable to purchase an annual subscription right away because it allows you to save a lot. The same applies to loans.

Users may easily use Happn free. In this case, the following functions will be available to them:

  • Sending likes;
  • Communicate;
  • Publish status in profile;
  • View photos of other users.

The paid Happn subscription gives you a lot more options. With their help, users may:

  • Do 10 greetings a day;
  • Set the stealth mode;
  • Ensure data confidentiality;
  • Remove ads.

Coins are used, just like in Tinder, to draw additional attention to your account. Initially, as part of a premium subscription, you are provided with 10 greetings. Happn review tells us if this is not enough, you may buy more.

As you can see, the Happn cost is relatively low if you immediately buy a subscription for several months. It will allow you to communicate more with beautiful girls and invite them on a date. The subscription approach is suitable for users who are accustomed to using the platform daily and not coming here every few weeks.

Are There Unique Features?

Is Happn good? If we analyze all the features this provides, we may say that this is an excellent service that allows you to have fun. Happn reviews say the most popular ones are:

  • Breakdown of the history of likes;
  • Flash Notes;
  • Criteria Personalization;
  • The unlimited number of likes;
  • Stealth mode.

Happn review says each feature has peculiarities, so they should be discussed separately.

Happn features

Breakdown Of The History Of Likes

Happn reviews tell us everyone loves getting likes. The feature allows you to see a list of all users who have liked you, regardless of whether you reciprocated. So, you can identify potential partners interested in communicating with you.

Flash Notes

Users may send these messages to users before being matched with you. Users with a premium subscription get 10 complimentary messages which are issued for 12 hours. Free users can purchase coins and enjoy the service as well.

Criteria Personalization

Happ reviews say free users only view all users who are in the same city as them. Paid users have the opportunity to narrow the search not only by location but also by some of their criteria (age, height, weight, and much more). It helps to meet the ideal partner.

Unlimited Likes

For paid users, the number of bikes is unlimited. It is standard for almost all dating sites, but it’s still lovely. Thanks to likes, people often start communication, which then develops into a one-night stand.

Stealth Mode

The Happn review says you won’t surprise anyone with stealth mode on dating sites, but the platform has gone a little further. Here, users can pre-set the time when they will become invisible or even adjust the frequency of this feature. The benefit is only available for premium accounts.

Happn review tells us the most exciting features are available only to paid account owners.

Happn love stories

Is Happn Easy To Use?

What is Happn? Many perceive it exclusively as a mobile application. Happn reviews say it’s a convenient tool for finding and connecting with people. The mobile application has a very user-friendly design and interface, which is simple and pleasant. Everyone can easily understand the features of the program.

Happn review tells us it’s available for Android and iOS, so it doesn’t matter which operating system you use. Here you will get a high-quality product.

However, the platform also has a website. Here you can find links to download the mobile application, learn more about the work e project, and register. In general, it is not very suitable for finding the perfect partner.

Thus, if you are used to communicating through chats and video calls on your smartphone, then Happn will be a great solution, but it will be problematic to do this through a computer or laptop.

Help And Customer Support

Happn review says that the platform has compiled a relatively detailed list of the most asked questions, the answers to which can be found in a special section. If you did not see the option you need among the entire list, you could write a message in the appropriate form. Specialists will respond to your request within a few days by email.

Such an approach is inconvenient for the user. Happn reviews confirm that all users get a response, but they don’t like waiting so long. It is much better when a dating site has a live chat or call center where users can get the necessary information within a few minutes.

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