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High technologies have contributed to the relationship between a man and a woman, giving them another tool for making acquaintances. Hundreds of thousands of people meet every day through niche adult hookup sites. One of the best for fans of adult hookups is LoveAgain. As dozens of reviews point out, this adult hookup site has an attractive design and good functionality. It is famous for fast registration and the ability to communicate with the interlocutor in many ways. I am glad there is a filter for finding the most suitable sex partner, a free raising of the profile in the search, etc. These are just a few obvious advantages of this adult hookup site, which make it stand out from the crowd of competitors. If you want to know more about this adult hookup network, keep reading this detailed review. We will also tell the truth about LoveAgain, its rating, and its pros and describe all the unique features of this adult hookup platform.

2151 girls online
9904 visits / day
2824 girls online
7578 visits / day
2588 girls online
8981 visits / day

LoveAgain Key Points

  • Site Name:;
  • Average Sign-up: under 5 mins;
  • Paid or Free: paid;
  • Paid Membership Pricing: monthly membership costs $11.99;
  • Unique LoveAgain Facts and Figures:
  • Part of Antheia Services Limited;
  • Registration number – HE422200.
  • The industry leader in luxury adult connections and building mutually beneficial relationships.
LoveAgain main page

Is LoveAgain Legit?

The site is absolutely legit cause it is run by a reliable company Antheia Services Limited, with registration number – HE422200. LoveAgain is a great website, and there are many different reasons for that. While there are many adult hookup sites that are similar to LoveAgain, it is really one of the best out there. While the website is great, it has so many different uses for people that are looking to meet new people. If you are looking for a relationship, then this is the website for you. If you are looking for fun, this is the website for you. This is one of the best legit adult hookup sites out there, and it really deserves your time.

LoveAgain Dating Site: Pros and Cons


  • Wide geographical coverage;
  • An equal ratio of men and women registered online;
  • Compilation of a psychological portrait for free;
  • Convenient site navigation.


  • Explicit commercialization of the system.

Does LoveAgain Really Work?

Yes, the LoveAgain site really works and does it well. With this top-notch adult hookup spot, you have an opportunity to safely meet a variety of different people that you can then chat with. LoveAgain is free and has tons of users, and most of them are in your area. You are able to talk to users that range from those that are older than you to those that are younger than you. The users are in many different areas, from different races and ethnicities. One of the best things about LoveAgain is the fact that it has a ton of users, and many of them are in your area. You can browse through the pages of users, to find someone that you would like to chat with. You don’t need to set a profile on LoveAgain, you just need to use the search options to find someone that you are interested in.

Our LoveAgain Rating

Value for price9.5/10.0
Quality of member9.2/10.0
Ease of use9.4/10.0
Customer satisfaction9.3/10.0
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Is LoveAgain Worth It?

What is LoveAgain? This is a worthy adult hookup site for those that are seeking a long-term relationship but are also open to one-night stands and other adult fun. You are able to find users that are more in your age bracket, which is a great option, especially if you want to find someone that is similar to you. The best thing about this site is the fact that it has a large number of users, and many of them are in your area. The great thing about this site is that it has so many users. It is such a great site for meeting new people that it is really worth your time.

Many LoveAgain reviews note that this great adult hookup website has many uses, and many people are able to find fun and even earn money here. You are able to create a profile for free, and then you are able to find people that are interested in what you are looking for. There is also a free chat option if you are looking for someone to chat with. If you are looking to meet new people and find someone that you can get to know, then LoveAgain is the website for you.

Registration — Is It Really Simple?

It only takes a few minutes to LoveAgain sign up. Simply fill out a few forms to create a LoveAgain account, such as:

  • I am (a man looking for a woman/a woman looking for a man/a man looking for a man/a woman looking for a woman);
  • My age;
  • My location;
  • My email;
  • My password.

Next, click the “Go to site” button. By clicking on the confirmation button above, you expressly agree to the Privacy Policy. This also includes the use of profiling to find suitable partners, the Site Terms of Use, and agree to receive news, updates, and offers from this adult hookup app.

Is It Possible To Find Real Matches on LoveAgain?

Yes, absolutely! People find the LoveAgain app a great option, and they use it to meet others that are in their age bracket or just meet people that they have a good connection. While there are many dating sites out there, this is one of the best. If you want to meet someone, the best way to do that is to go to the LoveAgain dating website. You can create a free profile for free, and then choose the best time to start meeting new people. After you have created your profile, you can meet other users and talk to them.

Many people make the mistake of not creating a profile. While having a profile is important, that isn’t the only thing that is important. After you have created your profile, you increase your chances of a successful real match. LoveAgain is full of members that are seeking people to date, or people to simply have sex hookups with.

LoveAgain do you like

How Much Does LoveAgain Cost?

Membership/CreditsDuration/QuantityPrice per Month/One CreditTotal
Premium3 Days$2.99$8.97
Premium1 Month$24.99$24.99
Premium3 Months$14.99$44.97
Premium6 Months$11.99$71.94

Are There Unique Features?

  • Search;
  • Chat;
  • Slider.


On this adult hookup service, you may look for any single individual. Set your criteria first, so you only receive folks that are a good fit for you. You may search for people depending on their nation, age, gender, occupation, and distance, as well as whether they desire a relationship or just casual sex. After clicking the search button, you will be transported to a new website where you may seek certain categories of singles.


The chat feature allows users to easily connect with new people, without the hassle of browsing profiles. All you have to do is to register on the site, go to your inbox, click on the chat link, and you are done. After the first LoveAgain log in, you can instantly communicate with others. When you register, you are given 1 free text message and 2 free chat minutes per day. It is a limited system, but it is better than nothing.


The slider lets you view multiple photos of potential dates from within your profile. Photos are sorted in date ascending order, so if you have a few dozen photos on the site, it can be a lot of fun to compare your photos with a group of potential dates. Members will only see photos from your contact list in your photo album.

LoveAgain upgrade profile

Is LoveAgain Easy To Use?

How does LoveAgain work? The website can be confusing at first it has been designed with the idea in mind that you will grow to understand the site quickly. As a beginner, on the site, you are given a couple of filters you can use. You can also upload a picture of yourself. After a few seconds, you will be matched up with other people on the site that are looking for a relationship. The site offers a wide range of users. Whether they be looking for a relationship, a friendship, or even a threesome. They will find all that and more on the site.

The LoveAgain website is split into two sections, the free service and the paid service. The free section is great for people who are just starting out on the site. The site offers a variety of interesting things you can do on the site that will help you get to know the other members. The paid section is a little more detailed. You must pay a monthly fee to access all premium features. There are a number of features that you can get on the site with a paid membership. These include the ability to write lengthy descriptions of what you are looking for in a person and what you are looking for in a relationship. You can write a one-time email or text message to the person you like on the site. This is really helpful if you are struggling to prove yourself in front of a LoveAgain member who you really like.

Help and Customer Support

To contact the support service, go to the “Contact us” section, then Ask your question to the support service. To send a message, please fill out the form below:

  • Section;
  • Topic;
  • Email;
  • Chat.

After, go through the captcha and click the “Submit” button. It is worth noting in this review of LoveAgain that the request processing time is minimal. Therefore, a support employee will contact you as soon as possible and provide qualified assistance.

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