Complete WildBuddies Review

Are you frankly not satisfied with the fact that the search for sex partners in real life takes too much time? Fortunately, real salvation for true lovers of adult fun is specialized platforms where you can find someone who is not averse to having fun as easy as shelling pears. One of the best such connections is the WildBuddies site.

2548 girls online
6251 visits / day
2004 girls online
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As dozens of reviews point out, this adult hookup app offers many features, most of which are free. Chat, rate, wink, give virtual gifts, etc. Just register for free and experience an exceptionally efficient search for partners nearby. Use the unlimited possibilities of communication on the site and go on a real sex date today.

In this review, you will learn the truth about WildBuddies, its overall rating, prices, and other important information that will help you use this adult spot to the fullest.

WildBuddies Key Points

  • Site Name:;
  • Average Sign-up: under 5 mins;
  • Paid or Free: paid;
  • Paid Membership Pricing: monthly membership costs $13.99;
  • Unique WildBuddies Facts and Figures:
  • Part of Apricot Digitals LLC;
  • Over 3 million messages are sent daily;
  • Every half an hour a match is formed;
  • The most popular area for encountering affairs and one-night stands.
WildBuddies main page

Is WildBuddies Legit?

In this review, it is worth noting that this platform is absolutely legit and reliable. WildBuddies is operated by a legitimate company, Apricot Digitals LLC, so you can rest easy on that. In addition, this legit adult hookup spot has been helping its regular and new users find safe and, most importantly, legal relationships for many years.

Complying with all laws, especially becoming a site, monitors that WildBuddies dating website is used exclusively by 18+ users. This once again confirms that the reputation and care for users for the CEO and the platform team are above all.

WildBuddies Dating Site: Pros and Cons


  • Quick and easy sign up;
  • A flexible and agile platform for mobile use;
  • Build networks and lists of adult friends you can visit when you want a date;
  • Subscription cuts out ads and fake accounts.


  • Incomplete site content.

Does WildBuddies Really Work?

What is Thisis a popular adult hookup app that focuses on connecting single men and women who are looking for one-night stands and other kinks. Many WildBuddies reviews note that this adult hookup platform is operated by a reliable company Apricot Digitals LLC.

It is a one-click app that allows users to easily find people in their city and make a match. Users can create profiles with basic information, such as location, interests, hobbies, age, education, and profession. When a user is matched, they are able to communicate through private messages, phone, and in-app. If users choose to create a profile, they can select the information they want to share about themselves, such as sex preferences, and other important information. They can also create a username and can choose what information they want to share.

WildBuddies users

Our WildBuddies Rating

Value for price9.3/10.0
Quality of member9.1/10.0
Ease of use9.5/10.0
Customer satisfaction9.4/10.0

Is WildBuddies Worth It?

WildBuddies is a worthy adult hookup app that allows you to create, edit, and share profile pictures and other details about your romantic partner. It’s a very simple app but the interface makes it much more user-friendly. Users are able to add or remove one, three, or five photographs of themselves in addition to filling out other profile data.

In this review of WildBuddies, it is worth mentioning, that this adult network allows members to create, edit, and share profile pictures and other details about their potential romantic partners. The app is based on location and allows users to check in on their surroundings while browsing the site. The site currently offers one and five-photo profiles. WildBuddies also offers the ability to create and share videos.

The interface makes it much more user-friendly than other adult hookup apps. Users are able to create one, three, or five photographs as well as an optional video. The interface includes a search bar that allows for filtering by photos and videos as well as a profile preview to show off your profile.

The search bar is located on the top of the screen, similar to Tinder, and members can select various filters to help narrow their search results. You’re also able to search based on gender, distance, or age. You can easily swipe left on a profile or photo that you like and right on a profile or photo that you don’t like. Swiping right also takes you to that person’s profile. You can share your profile with your friends by clicking the “add friends” button located in the bottom left corner of the screen. So, we can surely conclude that the WildBuddies website is totally worth it.

Registration — Is It Really Simple?

WildBuddies sign up takes a duo of minutes. To create a WildBuddies account, just fill in a few fields, such as:

  • I am (a man looking for a woman/a woman looking for a man/a man looking for a man/a woman looking for a woman);
  • My age;
  • My location;
  • My email;
  • My password.

Next, click the “Go to site” button. By clicking on the confirmation button above, you expressly agree to the Privacy Policy of this adult hookup site. This also includes the use of profiling to find suitable partners, the Site Terms of Use, and agree to receive news, updates, and offers from WildBuddies.

WildBuddies search

Is It Possible To Find Real Matches on WildBuddies?

When people are searching for a match, they are given a list of users that are compatible with their preferences. They are then able to send a message and arrange to meet in person to find out more about a match. This donation is used to cover the cost of the server that helps to find matches. You will get to know someone before deciding if you want to meet them and will be able to locate members that are compatible.

On WildBuddies, there is a focus on helping users to find partners who are willing to have a relationship. Many users will share more information, including sexual preferences, on the app to help potential partners make connections.

This great adult hookup site does not require users to include provide any personal information. You may make an account and publish any information you like, but if you want to receive messages from other users, you must disclose some of that information with them.

This online resource works by locating members that are seeking a safe local hookup. Many WildBuddies users also utilize it to find regular partnerships as well. Since it is so easy to make a match, it is not uncommon to get messages from users that seem to be pursuing other users on this great adult hookup app.

How Much Does WildBuddies Cost?

Membership/CreditsDuration/QuantityPrice per Month/One CreditTotal
Premium1 Day$0.99$0.99
Premium1 Week$0.86$5.02
Premium1 Month$24.99$24.99
Premium3 Months$13.99$41.99

Are There Unique Features?

  • Search;
  • Discover;
  • Chat;
  • Match.


Using the search option, you may look up the profiles of individuals you’ve linked with. You can input their name or their location. People in your region will be found through the search. This is your best option if you want to find other users in a certain location or just all local people.

WildBuddies do you like


You can also browse your nearby area to discover users who have similar interests or who have similar looks. You can also see what places in your area are popular for hookups.


You can find more users on the app, you just have to ask. You can chat with anyone you want. You can use the chatting feature to ask any questions about users or the area and also share more information about yourself. The people you are chatting with can also share their own interests or preferences. You can either chat with your current match or you can send them a message to meet up.


You can find users who are nearby who want to hook up for sex. It’s really easy to get a person to go up and hook up with in the app. You can chat with a person or have sex with them. If you’re ready to hook up, just type the person’s name into the search bar and click on the results you want. Then you can either chat with them or just meet them.

Is WildBuddies Easy To Use?

This top-notch adult hookup app is free to use and it is easy to use. You just need to create a username and you can use the app whenever you want to find a hookup. If you are interested in hookups, then you will definitely want to download the WildBuddies hookup app because it is the best app for hookups on the web. You will be able to verify this immediately after the first WildBuddies log in.

How does WildBuddies work? You can seek locals based on your current location. Also, you can search for nearby singles based on your age. People who are on the app are usually looking for casual hookups. The number of users on the app is steadily increasing. This is in fact the biggest reason why the user base is so high. WildBuddies has an open platform for anyone to join. It doesn’t matter whether you are single or not. You just need to sign up.

One thing that makes WildBuddies stand out from other dating apps is the fact that it is free. All features and functions are free to use. This makes it easier for users to browse and sign up for casual dates with like-minded individuals.

WildBuddies upgrade profile

Help and Customer Support

WildBuddies app has its own customer support service, which works seven days a week. You can contact the support service by going to the “Contact Us” section, after which you just need to fill out a form where you can describe the essence of your problem. Once your request has been processed, a support person will contact you to assist you with any questions regarding your user experience or problems with the dating app. It is worth noting that one of the advantages of the support service of this adult hookup site is that the response time is minimal.

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