Best 7 Sex Dating Sites For Your Enjoyment

Serious dating and commitment are not for everyone. However, it doesn’t mean that people can have sex only when in serious relationships or after they are married. After all, it’s the 21st century, and people can hook up and enjoy the pleasures of having sex without commitment.

2548 girls online
6251 visits / day
2004 girls online
8477 visits / day
2811 girls online
7249 visits / day

The problem is not everyone hooks up easily. One needs to approach the person one likes and offer to have sex. It sounds like a bad idea, isn’t it? Instead, people can use sex sites! Online dating apps cater to different audiences, and the ones we’ll talk about in this article aim to link people who want to have sex instead of serious relationships.

Sex Dating Sites

Top 7 Sex Sites

If you’re one of those people who aren’t keen on approaching random people in a bar or club and offering to have sex, then this list is for you! We’ve prepared some of the best and most popular sex sites for you to use and obtain quality matches.

AdultFriendFinder — Best To Find Local Hookups

AdultFriendFinder home page

AdultFriendFinder Features

  • Sex academy. The name speaks for itself, and the sex academy offers tips on how to have an amazing sexual experience. The AdultFriendFinder sex site has a blog with tips on how to have traditional, oral, anal sex, etc. This sex site feature is only available for members who bought a subscription.
  • Live member webcams. It’s a feature that all sex site users can use. It allows members of the community to enjoy the livestreams of other members.
  • Groups and adult chatrooms. These are public chatrooms where every sex site user can chat with others. The sex site has thousands of various chatrooms, all of which are categorized depending on the topic.
  • Contests. The AdultFriendFinder sex site organizes themed contests, and every user can participate. Typically, a competition requires one to take a photo or make porn videos. The topic depends on the contest; the winner is determined by who gets the most votes. And yes, the sex site offers an award.
  • Erotic stories. It’s a section where sex site users submit their stories. All stories are categorized, and anyone can submit as many erotic stories as they want. These stories can be fictional or based on real-life events.
  • Hotlist. This feature enables sex site users to add members they find attractive quickly. They get easy access to their profiles and can contact them any time they want.
  • Flirt. It’s an icebreaker feature that enables sex site users to show interest in other members.
  • Tip. If you like someone’s live streams on a webcam, you can tip them.
  • Live streaming. You can live stream via webcams.

AdultFriendFinder Overview

AdultFriendFinder (or AFF) is one of the most known and popular sex sites. You’ve probably heard about this sex dating site once or a few times. It has more than 80 million users worldwide. AFF is one of the most prominent and reliable sex websites with a rich set of functions. You have sex options even if you don’t want to meet someone in person and have sex. For example, you can use webcams or start live streaming.


Gold membership
DurationTotal cost
1 month.$39.95.
3 months.$80.85.
12 months.$239.40.
Standard membership
1 month.$16.99
3 months.$29.99

Pros & Cons

Pros ?Cons ?
AFF has one of the biggest databases in the online dating industry.Paid subscriptions don’t include access to several features, such as webcams and sex academy.
Has multiple features.Useful only if you live in a populated area.
Enables easy search of sex partners. 
Has webcams. 

BeNaughty — Best To Get Laid Tonight

BeNaughty hookup main page

BeNaughty Features

  • Promote account. It’s a typical boost. The feature enables users to get more attention from other BeNaghty members.
  • Flirtcast. This feature allows members to start a conversation. Instead of saying a standard “Hello, how are you?” or texting other variations of this message, users get to attract attention by using an icebreaker. It facilitates the process of contacting potential partners and offering to have sex.
  • A full safe mode. If you turn on the safe mode, only verified users contact you. The system verifies the user, and they get a badge. Thus, only users with a verification badge contact you.
  • A standard safe mode. If a member is flagged for suspicious behavior, they won’t contact you when the standard safe mode is active.

BeNaughty Overview

BeNaughty is another popular sex dating website. It has over eleven unique members visiting the site monthly! BeNaughty has an active community, and people use it to have fun. You can consider BeNaughty if you want to hook up, or flirt online.


DurationTotal cost
1 day.$0.99
1 week.$2.73
1 month.$45.00
3 months.$48.60

Pros & Cons

Pros ?Cons ?
Useful subscription options (for example, one day to test the website).Users can’t see the full profiles until they purchase a subscription.
An active audience.The app is available only if you have an Android device.
Millions of users worldwide. 
Easy to use. 
Easy to hook up with members. 
Exciting porn videos from members are available. 

Ashley Madison — Best Discreet Sex Site

AshleyMadison main page

Ashley Madison Features

  • Discreet photos. You can create entire private albums and show them only to those people you trust.
  • Traveling man. Use this feature when traveling to find local fuck buddies. Up to thirty horny women in the area will be notified about you, so they may contact you to hook up.
  • Favorites list. You can add people you like and want to have sex with to the list of favorites. They will be notified, which makes it easier to hook up.
  • Winks and icebreakers. This feature offers tools to facilitate communication.
  • Priority, man. It’s a typical boost that enables you to appear on top of other fuck buddies’ search results. The feature considers your and the other person’s tastes.
  • Emergency button. If someone is peeping over your shoulder, use the emergency button to get redirected to a safe website.
  • Discreet payments. Your bank will show purchases on Ashley Madison, but they won’t appear as purchases within the dating site. Typically, the bank account will record data and state that it’s an entertainment website.

Ashley Madison Overview

One of the most popular and known discreet websites to have an affair is Ashley Madison. Despite the scandal in 2015, when users’ data was leaked, Ashley Madison managed to bounce back. It’s still one of the best dating websites if you want to have a secret affair. It works well for people from the LGBTQ+ community too.


Number of creditsTotal cost
100 credits.$49
500 credits.$149
1000 credits.$249

Pros & Cons

Pros ?Cons ?
Ashley Madison is one of the most popular and valuable discreet websites for having a secret affair.The credit-based payment feature isn’t beneficial for some people.
The site has tons of useful features to spot a sex partner.The website is too expensive.
Ashley Madison offers features to keep an affair a secret. 
Awesome adult material. 
Easy and fun to use. 

FuckBook — Best Local Hookups

FuckBook main page

FuckBook Features

  • Pinboards. It’s a feature that enables users to create boards and pin photos and their posts.
  • Blogs. Members of the sex dating community have an option to run their blogs.
  • A webcam site is attached. The Fuckbook sex site enables users to utilize a cam website. It’s a paid feature.
  • Icebreakers. The feature facilitates communication among users.
  • Precise matchmaking. It’s a free feature, and it’s based on users’ profiles.

FuckBook Overview

Fuck book is not just for people who want to have casual sex. It’s for people who want to experiment and explore their sexuality and different pleasures. The website focuses on sexual preferences so users can find a perfect sex partner or a fuck buddy. The website isn’t extremely big, but it has active users. Fuck book is perfect if you live in the U.S and in a populated location.


DurationTotal cost
1 month.$29.95.
3 months.$44.85.

Pros & Cons

Pros ?Cons ?
Fuckbook is affordable.Fuckbook doesn’t have a trial period as of today.
The website offers tons of useful features to test free of charge.The website has bots that pam users to encourage them to try the paid version.
Users can see who viewed their profile (it’s also a free feature). 
Precise matchmaking. 

FlirtyMature — Best To Fuck Tonight

FlirtyMature main page

FlirtyMature Features

  • Request more info. If the user’s profile lacks information or you want to learn more, you can request more data.
  • Safety mode. FlirtyMature has three modes, and you can choose the level of protection on the site. You can enable all users to contact you, or only verified ones.
  • Winks, likes, and other icebreakers. This feature aims to help shy members to communicate with other users.
  • Flirtcast. The FlirtyMature matchmaking system prepares matches. You can use a flirtcast feature to send the same message to up to twelve matches.
  • Videos. The FlirtyMature sex site enables users to upload 30-second video introductions. Thus, members can see how you behave and talk.

FlirtyMature Overview

Flirt is dedicated to singles not yet ready to settle down and establish serious relationships. Flirt is an “easy-going” website where users can engage in sexting, flirting, fooling around online and finding a fuck buddy, etc. It’s a fun website with active and flirty users, easy to fuck tonight. Typically, members use it to find a casual sex partner and a one night stand partner. It’s also a website to find friends with benefits.


DurationTotal cost
1 day.$0.99.
1 week.$7.
1 month.$28.80.
3 months.$48.60

Pros & Cons

Pros ?Cons ?
FlirtyMature offers convenient subscription plans, including a daily and weekly plan. Thus, users can test the website without overpaying.FlirtyMature has chatrooms, but people aren’t active there.
FlirtyMature has a satisfaction guarantee program, but it has specific conditions.Some users post celebrity photos as their profile pictures. Moderators don’t pay attention.
FlirtyMature has a special system to block people with suspicious behavior. 
FlirtyMature enables different safety modes to protect users’ privacy. 

Fling — Best To Find A Fuck Buddy

Fling main page

Fling Features

  • Sex shop. You can find various sex shop content since Fling is partnered with some of the best sex shops.
  • Premium content. Typically, girls use this feature as there are tons of men using Fling, and fewer women are online. It’s a feature that enables women to gain more profit from selling their erotic content.
  • Live girls. It’s a webcam feature for those men who love watching a hot girl undress online on camera.
  • Video chat. Chatting is fun and exciting, many prefer text messages, but video chatting is better. users can see each other on their screens, hear each other’s voices, and engage in some naughty stuff which is encouraged by Fling.
  • 3-month guarantee. If a user isn’t satisfied with what they get on an adult hookup app, they can submit a complaint and get their money back. Check conditions before using the sex website.
  • Who is cute. The feature is similar to Tinder’s hookup app swiping function.

Fling Overview

Fling is a user-friendly and efficient sex website to find partners. It has services for every flavor: real-life hookups, webcams, video chatting, etc. The sex website aims to connect people based on their sexual preferences. It caters to people of all races, genders, and sexual orientations, so it has a rather big and active audience.


DurationTotal cost
2 days.$0.95 (trial).
1 week.$9.95.
1 month.$34.95.
6 months.$69.90.
12 months.$119.88.

Pros & Cons

Pros ?Cons ?
Fling offers useful subscription plans so that users can choose something compatible with their budget and financial capabilities.Fling mobile app is available on the Play Market but banned from the App Store. You can use Fling on a mobile device from a browser.
The sex website is not against users who want to make a profit out of their porn videos.Lack of compatibility tests.
The sex site offers a three-month guarantee in case the user isn’t satisfied with the results. However, it’s tricky to get a reimbursement. 

MilfFinder — Hottest Young MILFs

MilfFinder main page

MilfFinder Features

  • Search. The basic and advanced search types ensure users find fuck buddies.
  • Live sex chat. Users can chit chat with members who are online to find a regular fuck buddy.

MilfFinder Overview

Even though the sex website is often considered by users as a too-expensive sex website, it’s one of the most popular when it comes to finding milfs. If you don’t know what MILF stands for, it’s literally a “Mother that I would fuck.” The term is different from a cougar since often milfs are young horny women who gave birth to a child A lot of men are attracted to such ladies.


Credits numberTotal cost

Pros & Cons

Pros ?Cons ?
It’s one of the best websites to encounter milfs.Doesn’t have a mobile hookup app.
The dating website has thousands of hot milfs.The sex website doesn’t offer a verification method to users.
Milf Finder has an engaging and fun live chat.Doesn’t offer a trial period.
The MilfFinderIt’s too expensive.

Paid Sex Sites VS. Free Sex Sites

Many people believe it’s a stupid idea to use paid adult dating sites when there are so many free options right under their fingertips. However, free porn sites are often dangerous. Yes, one may say that such free sex apps as Tinder are useful and relatively safe, and that’s true. But Tinder is an exception, and the company behind Tinder claims it’s a general dating website, not just a free sex site.

Free sex online dating sites often have scammers and spammers since they aren’t required to pay for dating services. Thus, they create accounts and bother users who want to hook up. The quality of free sex services is also questionable. How does the free sex app’s owner earn profit? In the best-case scenario, the owner makes money from ads. But what if the owner sells your data?

Some porn sites offer free services that are enough to use the website but require a paid subscription to get access to premium features. It’s a win-win situation for consumers and the sex dating site’s owner since the owner gets money from those who pay for subscriptions. To sum up, consider paid or semi-paid sex apps to get the best services.

Porn Sites’ Regulations And Laws

If you want to ensure that you’re using a quality sex dating website, check the following facts:

  • whether the connection is secure;
  • whether the certificate is valid.

Open the sex dating website, and look at the section with the website’s address. You should see a “lock” icon. Click on the icon to check details about the website. If it says that the connection is secure and the certificate is valid, then you can use the website safely.

Most websites that appear in the Google search must have a safe “HTTPS” connection. Otherwise, Google marks the free fuck site as “Unsafe.” It’s the regulation that most dating websites follow since they won’t have clients.

When the free fuck website starts as “HTTPS,” it has an SSL certificate. It protects users when they visit the website. It’s essential when users want to make payments. The SSL certificate ensures their data isn’t copied when they add their credit card information to pay for dating services. The certificate also protects users’ data if they sign up using Facebook, Google, or other social networks. When they use their logins and passwords, a third party or the dating website won’t be able to copy their data.

How We Worked On The List Of Adult Dating Sites

Today, we have access to a wide range of sex dating apps. Thousands of sites offer their features to netizens. However, not all websites are equal. Some sites are illegal or scams, while other websites offer quality services. So, how did we come up with the list of the top seven sex dating websites? We analyzed each website according to the following criteria:

  • Is the website legal?
  • The audience and number of users.
  • The proportion of male to female members.
  • Ease of use, interface quality, and web design.
  • Cost to use the website.
  • Number of features.
  • Matchmaking features.
  • Ease of finding a match.
  • Consumer reviews.
  • LGBTQ+ friendliness.

We came up with the most valuable and convenient sex sites out there. If the website is affordable, has valuable features, and offers what users want, then it’s a good dating platform. However, most dating websites seem to have a disproportion of male-to-female users. Thus, we decided to choose those sites that have at least 30% of ladies.

Final Thoughts

Now you know more about different ways to find a hookup partner. With the emergence of such websites, it has become easier for people to find a casual sex partner. It’s a safer option, especially compared to picking up someone in a bar or a nightclub.

Moreover, a typical sex website eliminates the need to approach a person in real life. many men and women claim they want the opposite or same-sex individuals to approach them, but they seem to be too hot, which discourages potential partners. When using a dating sex website, you can contact anyone you like and get a positive response.

Dating websites, even for hookups, aren’t always godsent. People in reviews often describe different experiences. Some users have luck, others must put more effort into finding a match. Moreover, it’s easier to hook up when living or staying in a bigger, more populated city. So, your experience with sex dating websites depends on various factors.

Luckily, most websites mentioned in this article have either free or cheap trial periods. You can test the website before paying for its services.


Do Free Dating Sex Sites Actually Work?

In rare cases, free dating websites can be useful. Unfortunately, these sites are exceptions that prove the rule that most free sites aren’t as good as paid ones. If you check out reviews written by real people, most state that free sex websites have tons of scammers and trolls. When a user has to pay for a subscription to write a message, they are a real person. 

Are Paid Online Dating Sites Better?

Yes, but not all paid sex dating websites. Unfortunately, there are multiple instances of paid scam websites. Typically, these websites were created during the current year, for example, it’s 2022 now, and the site was created during this year. Scam sex sites don’t last since people complain. Consider reading reviews and using reliable sex dating websites. 

Are Casual Sex Sites Safe to Use?

Yes, if you’re using a quality dating website. Use the criteria from this article to verify that the dating app is truly safe. You may also use sex dating websites from the list. Note: most websites take care of the safety of their members while they use the dating platform. Dating services never grant security when people meet and go on dates. If you’re going out on a date with someone you met online, use safety precautions and tell someone where are you planning to go. It’s a tip for men and women. 

What’s the Easiest Sex Finder App to Use?

If we’re talking about sex dating apps, then Tinder or Pure. Technically, Tinder is not a sex dating app; it’s an app for the general audience and caters to all people. Pure is a fun sex app since it destroys your account in one hour, so you’re encouraged to find a partner as fast as possible. Its only disadvantage compared to Tinder is the smaller audience. Pure sex app is useful only if you live in a populated location. 

What Is The Difference Between A Dating Site And A Hookup Site?

The dating site typically offers services that facilitate the search for a partner for long-lasting relationships. The hook-up site means that users contact each other to meet in real life and have sex. So, if a user wants to find a sex partner, they should use a hookup website.

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