CraigsHookup Review

Generally, CraigsHookup is a typical casual dating site with almost the same abilities. However, its reputation and comments are not the most positive. 

2728 girls online
9372 visits / day
2990 girls online
7008 visits / day
2322 girls online
6952 visits / day

To start with, this site and its work are a big mystery. Why? Read this review, and you will get to know it as well as all the ploys of the site. 

Pros and Cons


  • The site is on the fan, so it is hard to find many advantages 


  • Though it considered being free, it doesn’t 
  • Ask for card information when you visit the site
  • It doesn’t seem understandable what the site is main at a Glance

CraigsHookup couldn’t even be called a dating platform; it just an empty site with 4 points describing the platform and an active link. But the biggest nuance is that by tapping this link, you go to another site called, and there you need to pass registration. 

And when you start using, you face the second disappointment: though on the CraigsHookup, it is claimed that the site is free. However, when you visit, it starts to require your bank card data.

What Is CraigsHookup?

CraigsHookup Review

CraigsHookup is some kind of casual dating site, but really it isn’t. Actually, it is like a link to Therefore, we can conclude that there is no importance in visiting CraigsHookup. Moreover, it gives you misleading information about site usage. 

Furthermore, if you will go straight to Hookup, you will find absolutely different from CraigsHookup main page. You can find some other reviews to prove that there are many strange things in this platform. 

Sign Up

If you decided to start registration on the site, it would be easy to pass it. There is a couple of questions, and they are not difficult to answer. The questions are the following: your name, password for further CraigsHookup login, Email, country. And after this, it is possible to start searching for girls. But it is a controversial issue would you find there your bride or not. But the good news is that registration itself is free. 

Search and Profile Quality 

Searching and profile quality is also quite contestable.

To start with, searching on the site is not free as you should fill in your card information before doing it. And there are no guarantees that it is helpful and your chances to find there a partner for a hookup is real. Anyway, you can try.

And what about profile quality, it won’t be a surprise if some of the profiles would be fake, because the site has a bad reputation and a lot of obscure moments. Moreover, it has already told untruth data to its customers once. 

But all this information is not about CraigsHookup but to its further link –, because hardly can you find any profile on the first of this to sites because its interface contains only a couple of notes on absolutely white and empty background. 

Craigshookup features


The truth about CraigsHookup is that it is an incomprehensible dating site. And if to speak about its safety it should be said that the safety of this site, it doesn’t seem to be dangerous. But Hookup is a less studied platform, and it is hard to say something about it. However, it is not the best source to trust your bank card data. But if you brave enough, you can risk doing it. 

If this information is not enough for you, then you can read some other CraigsHookup dating site reviews. 

Special Features 

If to speak about special features, it is hard to name something extraordinary. Not saying about plain design and absence of attractiveness in CraigsHookup, Hookup can’t offer you something special too. All the functions there is standard and corny while about any extra features, it is known nothing. And the only conclusion we can make is that the CraigsHookup dating site is not about special features. 

Help and Support 

Another popular question about dating services is the availability of getting support. And if to speak about the CraigsHookup service, it doesn’t seem to have any technical support. On the almost empty main page of it, there are no contacts or links to Technical Support at all. But should have such a function if it wants to deserve people’s sympathy.

Prices and Plans 

And last in this article but not least, the costs of the site. And that is where central debates and discontents start. You already know that on CraigsHookup, it is said that dating service is free of charge, but really it demands a credit card number. Furthermore, the cost is 39.99 dollars per month! It is a real robbery for such an unclear and suspicious dating platform. Also, comparing with other casual dating sites, this cost read off the scale. 


Taking everything into account, we can come to the conclusion that CraigsHookup is not among the best casual dating services. Oppositely, it is one of those sites which even doesn’t make sense to visit. It is just a link to absolutely another platform. Moreover, there is even approval of the fact that these two sites don’t affiliate with each other.  

Therefore, due to all these odd things and lies about the lack of payment, the site is a real disappointment for its visitors.

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