SwingLifestyle.com Review: Adult Hookup Platforms

Swing is a type of dance that people loved and enjoyed during the 30-50s of the previous century. But today, swing has a totally different meaning. Couples love this term since it means changing partners. It is a practice when adults meet in couples and change partners to have sex. It is a fun and enjoyable practice that helps couples to enjoy life and enrich sexual life.

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The best thing about swinging in the 21st century is that you could use various awesome websites to find couples. SwingLifestyle is one of such an amazing platform where couples meet other awesome couples who want to add spice in their lives. SwingLifestyle dating site is a place where everyone feels free to express sexual desires and get what they want. It is a safe place where everyone is enjoying life and gaining sexual experience they have been dreaming of.

In A Nutshell

SwingLifestyle.com reviews clearly state that this is a platform targeted not just at swingers, but at those who want to try threesomes, orgies, partner swapping, etc. It is a website that caters to the interests of open-minded individuals who are looking forward to exciting sexual experiments and want to have fun. The website is used to arrange dates between couples as well as huge parties for swingers. It is an amazing site where people enjoy life; plus, it has positive reviews from users.



  • The site allows everyone to feel free.
  • It is easy to meet couples nearby.
  • Lots of tools to set up dates.
  • The site is organizing tours for swingers.
  • Map of swinger clubs to meet like-minded individuals.
  • The website is affordable.
  • Event planning.


  • Sending messages is a paid feature.
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SwingLifestyle.Com At A Glance

  • Best for: couples, individuals willing to have threesomes, people are seeking swinger events.
  • The number of members: millions of users worldwide.
  • Recommended age: 25-50
  • Favorite features: event planning, club map, setting up dates, organizing cruises and events for swingers, etc.

What Is SwingLifestyle.com?

The truth about SwingLifestyle due to the reviews of users is that the platform is clearly targeted at swingers. It is a very popular website for swingers and people looking forward to having sexual experiments. It has more than 16 million users worldwide, 5 million of them are active each day.

It is highly popular and loved in such countries as the US, the UK, Australia, Germany. It is also used in some Asian, Latin, and some European countries.

The website is a truly worldwide platform since, due to the reviews, it has a map of swinger clubs in different places on our planet. The reviews also claim the site has a special feature – amazing cruises organized specifically for swinger couples. Couples have a fun, party all the time, and gain amazing sexual experience.

SwingLifestyle is an extremely friendly place. Users are active and very helpful. Due to the reviews of users, SwingLifestyle has one of the most active databases among all swinger websites. Users affirm in reviews that the site is so extremely popular and loved due to the high activity of its users.

One of the most amazing things about SwingLifestyle due to people’s reviews is that people are blunt when it comes to sex. There is no need to talk for months to finally meet in real life. It is extremely easy to meet other couples. Usually, couples approach other people they feel attracted to and set up dates. Instead of chatting online, you meet offline and see whether you like each other.

How Does SwingLifestyle Work?

This review of SwingLifestyle shows that the site is mostly used by people who are around 25 years old. An important thing to notice and to keep in mind is that you should be at least 18 years old to use this amazing website. Most people are happy to find out that the platform is also used by singles. These singles find happy swinger couples to organize threesomes or other sexual practices they prefer.

The website offers the following functions to try out:

  • Journeys (the site is organizing cruises).
  • Swinger club map.
  • Event organizer.
  • Setting up dates.

The website has an amazing design. It is extremely easy to navigate through this awesome platform. Most users, due to their reviews, prefer the search filters. However, some of them use a special “Plan the date” feature. It’s when you set the date and time when you want to meet someone, and compatible people or couples agree upon meeting you. You could also agree upon meeting amazing people.

Another awesome feature of this adult platform is that there is a map of swinger clubs. Finding a swinger club could be a challenge, but not with SwingLifestyle. Due to the SwingLifestyle dating site reviews, a lot of members of the community use the platform when they are traveling.

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SwingLifestyle log on the webpage is the page where you can fill in the standard application form. The short questionnaire will take about 2 minutes to complete. The reviews claim the profile customization will take a while since you have to answer some personal questions and add your amazing photos. You will also be asked to upgrade the profile to premium; it’s the only way you can contact other members.

Search & Profile Quality

The search is pretty standard though it does include some peculiarities of swingers. It is precise and allows couples to find other people nearby. Most people rely on such features as the Swinger Clubs Map since that’s how you could easily meet other individuals offline.

The reviews claim users with premium accounts could make their profiles invisible for free users. It is a great feature since it protects members from simple visitors and trolls. This is a quality website, so the members of the team verify profiles and check whether there are fake profiles.


Is SwingLifestyle good and safe to use? Yes, the website is reliable and trustworthy. It’s been in the industry for quite a long time, and the platform has a great reputation. SwingLifestyle is certified and has a great quality security system to protect swingers and allow every member to gain the best experience while using the service.

Help & Support

The SwingLifestyle support team is qualified and consists of experienced members. They solve your problems within several hours. You could also check the “Help” section to find more information about the available services.

Prices & Plans

Due to the reviews, one of the most interesting plans is a lifetime plan. Yes, you could pay 150 dollars and use it all the time whenever you want. Most members purchase a 1-month subscription to check out all the features, and then they decide whether they want to proceed using this amazing site. It’s worth mentioning that this site is one of the most affordable paid sites you could find.


Due to the reviews of SwingLifestyle, it is one of the most trusted websites. It has a long history, and it offers great quality services. SwingLifestyle offers tons of fun features and an extremely friendly environment. This is a perfect place for open-minded individuals to meet and have fun.

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