Review of PinkCupid

PinkCupid is a dating site that helps women build relationships with other females, and it does it successfully. Due to significant experience in the dating sphere and wise management, the site has quite a good rating and can please you with a high level of services. However, you should remember that it is for lesbians and bisexual women. 

2784 girls online
6370 visits / day
2049 girls online
8098 visits / day
2104 girls online
7656 visits / day

There are a lot of exciting facts to say about the site, and it deserves your attention. Therefore, if you are interested, then read this review. 

Pros and Cons


  • Has worldwide popularity
  • Profiles contain useful and informative data on their pages 
  • Registration is free and simple


  • Access to all functions available only after payment 
  • Males register on the site although it is for females 

PinkCupid at a Glance 

To begin with, PinkCupid looks very serious due to its good organization and design. That is why many women around the world trust it. However, the primary auditory of the site is quite young, which means that it still stays incomprehensible for the older generation. The number of users on the website is rather significant, and it means that you will have a good diversity of ladies to choose from. Moreover, though the interface is standard, it is handy and useful. 

PinkCupid main page

What Is PinkCupid?

Actually, PinkCupid is a reputable dating platform. But not a simple dating platform, but the platform for lesbians. There gathered almost only women, and there is a large quantity of them on the site, so you will probably find a lesbian couple. 

The rating of the site is 3.5 stars of 5, and it is not so bad. Moreover, the site doesn’t stop developing. It works since 2006 and knows much useful information about dating site maintenance. Therefore, it wouldn’t be wrong if you decide to join the PinkCupid dating site. 


And if you decided to register on PinkCupid, then you should know that it is an easy, fast, and free process. 

But you should fill in a questionnaire which contains many questions, and it is necessary to fill in every point. It is important for your further search for a partner as your common interests may play a big role. To fasten the process of registration, you can use your Facebook account, but it can’t help you avoid answering questions. 

There are two critical moments in registration: remembering your password for further Pink Cupid log in and writing the right email. Your email is a clue to the profile authorization, and without it, you can do nothing. 

pinkcupid log in

Search and Profile Quality 

Searching on PinkCupid is comfortable because there is a counter of online profiles. Moreover, there are special searching filters, and if you want to specify some features of a likable partner, then extended searching is for you. There you will find women with different interests and from different places. As you remember, registration demands from you to answer different questions and why you needed them is to help users in the searching process. 

The truth about PinkCupid is that profiles there are quite informative. It is necessary to upload at least three photos, and also there are unique tags that can be used to specify your interest. That is why it shouldn’t be difficult for girls to find their perfect matches on the site. The only drawback is that your information specified on the site will be accessible to all authorized users.

pinkcupid search


Judging by the fact that all users must authorize on the site by their emails, PinkCupid is safe because such authorization can prevent appearing scammers on the site. If you want to know more about it, then you can read other PinkCupid dating site reviews. 

Special Features

First of all, PinkCupid has free to download the mobile application. It is much comfortable but unfortunately doesn’t have a full range of services which you can use online. 

Secondly, there is a photo contest, and every month, one person with the most glamorous photo wins. And the price is quite useful – monthly platinum tag. Therefore – upload photos and save your money. 

And last but not least are special tags. They have already been mentioned. You can add as many CupidTags as possible and such a way characterize yourself. 

pinkcupid how it works

Help and Support 

In the case of troubles, you can get extra help if you write to the support team. It is free and effortless. Moreover, it is speedy due to Technical Support works around the clock every day. Therefore, don’t hesitate to write to them and get answers to your questions about the site work. Or you can escape it and just read answers in some of reviews. 

Prices and Plans

Though there are many abilities for free users, the site gives you the ability to get a Platinum subscription. 

You register on the site, search for girls, and even send messages to Premium users absolutely for free. But such functions as unlimited messages, absence of advertisement and some other costs money. You can choose between Gold and Platinum subscriptions, which cost 24.98 and 29.98 dollars, respectively. 

To Sum Up

All in all, PinkCupid is a worthy place for lesbians. Therein they can find their life partners and don’t fear of condemnation. This site affords you to find many new acquaintances and friends as well as real love. Different communicating abilities and many other functions can help you with it and make your process of acquainting more interesting. 

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